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Transition Plan for YPO

Three-Year Plan for Leadership of Orchestra

NEC and Benjamin Zander Announce Transition Plan for Youth Philharmonic Orchestra

Recently returned from a triumphant tour to Central Europe where he and NEC’s Youth Philharmonic Orchestra (YPO) performed Mahler’s Ninth Symphony in locations significant in the life of composer Gustav Mahler, Benjamin Zander and New England Conservatory have announced a three-year transition plan for the YPO leadership.

Retaining the title of Music Director of the YPO through 2013, Zander will maintain his usual rehearsal and concert schedule with the orchestra during the 2011-12 season. During that year, NEC will lead a search process to identify a new conductor for the YPO, with the goal of announcing the Music Director Designate by June 2012 and introducing the new leader to the Prep School, the College, and the community the following year.

The 2012-13 season will be planned as a 40th Anniversary celebration recognizing Zander’s extraordinary commitment and achievements with the orchestra. It will culminate in a tour with the YPO during the summer of 2013 and with Zander being named Music Director Emeritus for life. In 2013-14, Zander will also be available to serve in an advisory capacity to the Dean and Executive Director of the Preparatory School.

Commenting on the plan, Zander said:
 “For the past 38 years, I have made my way each Saturday to NEC to work with the extraordinary young musicians of the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra.  At the end of my 40th year, in two years, I will be passing on the baton.

“It is with pure joy and satisfaction that I look back at these fruitful years, during which literally thousands of musicians have passed through YPO, many going on to distinguished careers in music, others to careers in diverse fields, but all enlivened and enriched by their YPO experience. 

 “Together, we’ve tackled some of the most challenging works in the orchestral repertoire.  We’ve performed both at home and in major concert halls, city plazas and sports arenas on four continents. Our performances have taken us from Rio de Janeiro to Jerusalem, from Beijing to Vienna’s Musikverein.  Our work together and our travels have stretched these young people to the extremes of their capacities and have introduced them to the immeasurable joy that comes from being part of a group performing at the highest level and contributing to the world.  YPO members and alums keep saying that it is the life-lessons above all that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

“That the YPO experience transforms the players is clear, but it is also true that my own life has been shaped in large measure by the four decades in the company of such amazing young people.

“Of course, I will have mixed feelings about leaving YPO after all these glorious years. However, there are significant opportunities in the offing and I am excited to follow them up.  For now I am looking forward to throwing myself enthusiastically into the next two years with YPO and the final tour in 2013.”

NEC President Tony Woodcock congratulated Zander on his 44 years as a faculty member of NEC, his 38 years leading the YPO, and the thrilling musical experience that he gave the YPO on the Mahler tour.  “Ben has developed the YPO into an ensemble of extraordinary virtuosity and heart that was on brilliant display during the June 23 performance of the Ninth Symphony in Vienna’s Musikverein, which I was privileged to attend. We are enormously grateful for everything Ben has achieved at NEC and we look forward to paying tribute to those accomplishments over the next two years.”

Leslie Wu Foley, Dean and Executive Director of Preparatory/Continuing Education, also praised Zander’s leadership of YPO, which she observed at close hand while traveling with the orchestra in Europe.  “Ben made this tour a profound experience for our students by taking them deep into Mahler’s musical and psychological core and providing a rich geographical and cultural context for the man and his music. I look forward to celebrating him and his legacy over the next two years.”


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