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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

Continuing Education
Strengths: CEOpportunities: CE
Affiliation with and access to NEC college resources

Flexibility to pilot programs that meet the evolving needs of target audiences

Niche market, not much competition

Excellent, committed, and high-profile faculty

Professional staff

Strong existing partnerships, such as Northeastern University

Great potential for future growth
Opportunity to serve the field of music education through high-quality professional development support for teachers

Opportunity to meet the unique needs of adult students seeking alternative forms of advanced musical training through relevant, high-quality programming

Potential to contribute significant additional revenue streams to NEC

Recalibrate the Abreu Fellowship in its new phase of development to most effectively serve the field of community music education
Weaknesses: CEThreats: CE
Low faculty wages

Lack of space prohibits significant growth

History of program “stops and starts,” lack of defined policies
In a difficult economic climate, advanced music education can be seen as an expendable expense

Low faculty wages limit recruitment and threaten retention