Summer Online Programs

We offer an incredible range of virtual programming for all ages, starting in June through the entire summer. See below for a list of programs that were available in Summer 2020.

Summer Private Lessons (Online)

June 1 – August 28

Details and Registration Information for Private Lessons

Current NEC Prep students: Please confirm with your instructor to ensure teaching availability before signing up. Students must be registered before beginning lessons.

New NEC Prep students: Please complete the form below to set up a teacher placement. NEC Prep offers lessons to students from beginners to advanced.

New string students should complete this placement form.
All other instruments should complete this placement form

This summer, we will be offering flexible private lesson registration. Families may self-select any number of lessons (between 1 and 15) with instructor approval. If you would like to register for more than 15 lessons, please connect with our Registrar at or 617-585-1174.

New! Private Lesson Summer Workshops! 

For the first time, we are thrilled to offer private lesson workshops over the summer. Students must be registered for a minimum of 10 lessons to be eligible. Below are the dates on which each department will have workshops:

Strings: June 18, July 2 and July 16
Piano: June 25, July 9 and July 23
Woodwinds and Brass: June 23 and July 7
Voice: June 30 and July 14

A link to the signup forms, as well as a schedule for when signup forms open and close, are posted on each department's page for workshops and recitals on the NEC Prep website. If you have any questions about workshops, please contact our Operations Coordinator at

Summer Course Offerings (Online)



These are all online courses that will run in two-week sessions. Students may sign up for one or multiple courses or sessions. Take a look at our offerings below!

Alexander Technique

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10am – 11am | Ages 12+
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11am – 12pm | Ages 7–11 (with parent present) 
Instructor: Angela Leidig 
Tuition: $150 per session

The Alexander Technique (AT) focuses on building awareness and integrating tools that assist in freeing ourselves from tension and physical and mental habits that limit our freedom and potential, allowing us to mobilize ourselves in a new way. Contemporary AT is a dynamic and exploratory approach that focuses on the student engaging the learning in an interactive and non-judgmental space.

Please bring any questions or issues you are having with tension or pain, along with your instrument, to the class. If you do not have tension or pain issues, the class will give you more tools to enhance performance and freedom in your playing. These classes will be interactive. Have writing tools and a towel or mat ready as well. The sessions will be divided into the following topics: 

Session I: Living in a Canoe: Into to Contemporary AT Class I

  • Ages 7-11 students can register here
  • Age 12+ students can register here 

Session II: Giving Posture Wings and a Tail: Intro to Contemporary AT Class II

  • Ages 7-11 students can register here
  • Ages 12+ students can register here 

Session III: Contemporary AT Practical Application with your Instrument

The sessions can be taken individually, or you can take all three sessions and they will build on each other. 

  • Ages 7 - 11 students can register here
  • Ages 12+ students can register here

Brass Seminar

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11am – 12pm | Ages 13+ 
Instructor: Eli Epstein
Tuition: $150 per session

Session I Registration
Session II Registration

Taught in master class and discussion format, this seminar will cover all aspects of brass fundamentals: healthy posture principles, diaphragmatic breathing, breath support exercises, how to become more consistent and accurate, how to bring more power into your playing, proven techniques to improve both high and low registers, and how to create moving and authentic performances. Students will come away from this class with a clear understanding of how brass playing works. By developing your technique, you can replace old limits with the freedom to express your feelings and stories with ease.

Cello Choir

(Session II only, July 6 – 17) 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 3pm – 4pm
Instructor: Javier Caballero
Tuition: $230

Join fellow cellists and learn together. Students will receive individual feedback on their playing while at the same time focusing in a group learning experience. Students will (virtually) learn and rehearse cello ensemble pieces. Open to intermediate to advanced cellists with permission from their instructor.

Clarinet Seminar

Mondays & Wednesdays, 11am - 12pm | Ages 13+ 
Instructor: Ryan Yure
Tuition: $150 per session

Session I Registration
Session II Registration
Session III Registration

Clarinet Seminar will cover many aspects of clarinet fundamentals, including breathing and support, embouchure, tonguing, tongue position, tuning, and technique. Other topics to include reed adjustment and effective practice habits. Masterclasses will focus on solo literature, standard orchestra excerpts, and auxiliary instruments (bass and Eb). Special guests include members of the Boston Symphony Orchestra clarinet section.

Diction for Singers

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 11am - 12pm 
Instructor: Deborah Williams 
Tuition: $230 per session

Register: Session I: Italian Diction for Singers

If you want a head start learning to sing in Italian before college, or if you need to improve your Italian for vocal competitions, you will love "Italian Diction for Singers"! This course provides a concise guide to the pronunciation of Italian and gives students the opportunity to learn Italian songs for auditions. 

Register: Session II: German Diction for Singers

Whether you want to learn a German art song with your voice teacher for a recital or be able to learn a new German song on your own, "German Diction for Singers" is the perfect summer course. Here, students will get practice using the International Phonetic Association alphabet (IPA) to learn the pronunciations for an array of German songs. We will listen to high-quality recordings of German Lieder, and students can learn a new song to add to their resumé of classical vocal song literature. 

Register: Session III: French Diction for Singers 

This fascinating course examines the articulation differences between the spoken French language and the singing of French mélodie and aria literature. Here, students will listen to distinguished singers of the celebrated French art song and opera repertoire and gain the skill to independently learn any French song or aria!


(Session II only, July 6–17) 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 5pm – 6pm | Ages 12–18
Instructor: Rachel Panitch
Tuition: $230 per session

Learn fiddle tunes by ear from fiddling and dance traditions of New England, Quebec, Appalachia, Louisiana, and more.

Flute Technique Advancement

Session III Registration
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, 2pm - 3pm
Instructors: Rachel Braude & Jessica Lizak 
Tuition: $230 per session

This class will focus on the elements of technique and fundamentals of flute playing. Intonation, technical facility, double and triple tonguing, tone production, practice techniques, tricks and tips on performance focus, auditions, and sight reading will all be covered. The class will also feature masterclass-style performances for students. Exercises will be taught, demonstrated, and played in a group setting format. The class will also feature a faculty performance featuring techniques discussed with Jessica Lizak, Rachel Braude and guest flutist Elizabeth Ostling, Assistant Principal Flutist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra. For questions regarding class placement, please email

Hand Drumming

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10am – 10:30am | Ages 9+ (Level I – Beginners) 
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 11am – 11:45am | Ages 13+ (Level II – Intermediate)  
Instructor: Luis Herrera Albertazzi 
Tuition: Level I - $75 per session | Level II - $115 per session

Students will learn basic rhythms and hand drumming concepts, including how to improvise and adapt these rhythms into any style of music.

Hand Drumming I students can register for the sessions below: 
Session I Registration
Session II Registration

Hand Drumming II students can register for the sessions below: 
Session I Registration
Session II Registration

Introduction to Music Theory

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 10am – 11am
Instructor: Michael Weinstein
Tuition: $230 per session

The Introduction to Music Theory Course sessions will focus on the following topics: 

Session I: Introduction to Sight Singing and the Solfege System, Melodic and Rhythmic Dictation, and Note Reading and Rhythm Skills

Session II: Introduction to Scales and Key Signatures, Explanation of Intervals and Chords

Session III: Melody Writing with chordal accompaniments, explanation of instrumental families, and basic phrase analysis and cadences 

Intermediate Music Theory

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 10am – 11am
Instructor: Yasmin Tal
Tuition: $230 per session

The Intermediate Music Theory course will focus on the following topics: 

Session I: Solfege and sight singing, rhythmic drills and review of conducting patterns

Session II: Exploration of musical genres, music analysis, basic music history and terminology, along with explanation of roman numeral analysis and figured bass numbers

Session III: Two voice species counterpoint and four voice part-writing 

Make Your Own Music Class for String Players

(Session I only, June 15–26) 
Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 5pm – 6pm | Ages 8–14
Instructor: Rachel Panitch
Tuition: $230 per session

Create, design, and conduct new melodies on the spot, using combinations of letters, numbers, colors, emotions, and objects around the house as jumping-off points. Our class will culminate with a musical story that we will compose together.

Oboe Institute

August 3-8
Monday - Saturday, 9am-10am, 8pm - 10pm| Ages 14-19
Instructor: Amanda Hardy
Tuition: $575

This week long oboe intensive summer institute hosted by Amanda Hardy, NEC Prep Oboe Faculty, will feature morning and evening sessions on topics such as fundamentals, preparing etudes and solo repertoire, excerpt preparation for orchestral playing and auditions, oboe reed making, how to prepare English horn excerpts and reeds, and oboe adjustment. Students will have the opportunity to work with distinguished guest artists John Ferrillo, Mark McEwen, and Robert Sheena, of the Boston Symphony, and Anne Gabriele, of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In addition, students will learn the Sellner duets to play together in a final recital at the week's conclusion. Focusing on the development of each musician, this oboe institute is a unique opportunity for the intermediate to advanced high school oboist. Interested students should send a video recording of slow and fast pieces/movements or one of your recent summer festival auditions to

Performance Success: How to Prepare for High Stakes Auditions and Concerts

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10am – 11am | Ages 11+
Instructor: Eli Epstein
Tuition: $150 per session

Session I Registration
Session II Registration

This class will address issues all performing artists face. We will cover natural responses to stress, dealing with fear, building courage, harnessing the mind, and recovering from mistakes. You will come away from this class with a deeper understanding of the factors involved in optimal performance, and a toolkit of new ideas that will improve your comfort and effectiveness in audition-taking and performing in general.

Summer Chamber Music Seminar

Monday – Friday from 11am – 2:30pm (Session II Only)
Tuition: $775

This course is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with other advanced chamber musicians and work with superb faculty and masterclass teachers on the art of Chamber Music Performance. Faculty Members include Mickey Katz, cello, Peter Jarvis, violin, Margaret Cerjan, violin, Grant Houston, violin, Sammy Andonian, violin, and Aimee Tsuchiya, piano. Masterclass teachers include (among others): Kim Kashkashian, viola, Lois Shapiro, piano, Gillian Rogell, viola, and Jonathan Ong, violin. 

Each student will work on a movement of standard repertoire that will be assigned and learned prior to the beginning of the program. Each group will focus on the creative process of working out the challenges of musical decision making and work with faculty to create a video a performance of their piece at the conclusion of the program. Students will work with multiple coaches and masterclass teachers during the session. 

An exciting new addition to the program includes workshops with Tanya Maggi, Dean of Community Engagement and Professional Studies at NEC, who will engage with students in interactive workshops on best practices for developing effective programs for community audiences. As part of the Summer Chamber Music Institute, students will have the opportunity to prepare their spoken introduction that will be part of their final video performance that will be shared with Seniors and other populations. Students will work on how to organize speaking points, create programming with the needs of specific audiences in mind, and generally reflect on how to make music relevant to the movement we are living in right now. 

This course is open to Upper Intermediate and Advance String Players and pianists, ages 13 -19. All groups and applicants are placed by the NEC Prep Chamber Music Chair, Laura Blustein. Pre-formed groups are encouraged to apply. The registration deadline is July 1st.

Violin Seminar: Technique, Context, Performances

Mondays & Wednesdays, 4pm – 5pm | Ages 13+
Instructor: Joshua Peckins 
Tuition: $150 per session
Session I Registration
Session II Registration

Inspired by the renowned post-graduate Technique Class taught in Vienna, Austria, and never before offered in Boston, this seminar offers students a rare chance to study the teachings of master violin pedagogues in an organized, practical curriculum of advanced violin technique.

Put into context with legendary recordings, class discussion, and student performances, the goal of this unique course is to help ambitious violin students develop an advanced technique, gain a broader awareness of the professional violin world and how their personal studies fit into that context, and hone technical and creative skills in performance. 

  • Study an effective, progressive, concept-based syllabus of violin technique (with specific exercises) based on Flesch, Galamian, Yankelevich, and other master pedagogues.
  • Discover legendary violinists, festivals, competitions, and the world of international professional violin playing through recordings and class discussions. 
  • Perform and build concert experience, with feedback from students and instructor Joshua Peckins.
  • Inspired by the renowned post-graduate Technique Class taught at the Vienna University of Music.
Jazz Summer Course Offerings (Online)

NEC Prep jazz has online lessons, ensembles, groove creation, workshop series, and listening courses this summer! See below for details and prices.

All summer online jazz lessons and courses are placed and coordinated by David Zoffer, NEC Jazz department chair for Prep and Continuing Education, founding member and faculty of Jazz Lab, and faculty for private lesson and ensemble in the Contemporary Improvisation department of NEC College.

The first step for students is to fill out the jazz placement questionnaire so that the jazz courses and lessons can address their musical interests, musical background, and schedule. Note that filling out the questionnaire is free and does not constitute registration or payment, it just makes it possible for the chair to help place students with the right teachers and appropriate courses.

You must complete the questionnaire to partake in any of the summer jazz classes. Click here for the Prep Summer Jazz Placement Questionnaire.

In addition, students must setup a Zoom placement meeting with David Zoffer for Saturday, June 6 starting at 2 pm ET or Monday, June 8 starting at 4 pm ET by emailing available times to During those meetings students will also schedule a follow up conversation to confirm their choices for the summer program.

Placement Procedure: 

Students new to the NEC jazz program (including students that have only participated in Jazz Lab or Youth Jazz Orchestra) need to share links to a recording of them playing two contrasting pieces. If students have jazz experience, they should play a melody and take an improvised solo with an accompaniment track if possible. The chair will help singers define their range for arrangements. 

Students that play bass, guitar, drums or piano should also accompany a soloist on their recordings if they have experience doing that and they can contact David Zoffer if they need a play along track that includes a soloist. Registration (payment) is due by June 10, 4:30PM EST.

If students are new to jazz, any two contrasting pieces can be submitted. Please submit audition recordings to via YouTube links or files if they are less than 10MB before the placement meeting. In addition to tuition, there is a registration fee of $40 that covers any combination of lessons or coursework below.

Course Offerings include:

Critical Listening

Tuesdays and Thursdays 8–9:30 PM (July 21, 23, 28, 30)
Instructor: Rick McLaughlin
Tuition: $230 

Register here

A casual glance at the 100+ years of recorded Jazz, and the minimum of 13 subgenres leaves questions. What binds the development of the music, and the genres themselves together?  How do the fundamental aspects of music (rhythm, melody and harmony) intersect with style and the principles of jazz improvisation, and how do those things change from decade to decade, and location to location?  Critical listening will tie the details of individual recordings with jazz performance common practices by capitalizing on compare and contrast techniques in order to support students as they learn to observe the musical details.  The skills covered are essential for aspiring musicians, helping them to better understand how the music has changed over time, which in the end will support students as they learn to play this music.

Groove Making from Classic Funk, Hip Hop, and Reggae

Tuesday and Thursdays 2:30-3:30PM

Register: SESSION I: 6/23, 6/25, 6/30, 7/2 
Register: SESSION II: 7/21, 7/23, 7/28, 7/30 

Instructor: David Zoffer

Tuition: $150 (per session)

Students can sign up for either or both sessions as the material will change.

Students in this class will analyze classic Funk, Hip Hop, and Reggae recordings with their instructor and then use analytical tools they learn in class to understand the basic structure and characteristic stylistic elements of the genre. They will then apply these techniques to make their own analysis of the pieces of their choice. Students will create their own grooves and share their own analysis and compositions with the class.

Students will need to be able to submit written music either by using computer notation such as Finale, MuseScore, or Sibelius, or uploading images of handwritten music and sound files. Students in this class must have a basic understanding of reading music, although they will not have to be expert sight readers. The class will explore rhythm and articulation in great detail, and show some demonstration of groove-based chart writing practices.

Jazz Group Recording

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 3:30pm - 6pm

Register: SESSION I: 6/22, 6/24, 6/26, 6/29 and 7/1 and 7/3 
Register: SESSION II: 7/20, 7/22, 7/24 and 7/27, 7/29, and 7/31 

Tuition: $775 (per session) 

All levels, instruments, and voices welcome. Students can sign up for either or both sessions as the material will change. 

In this performing and recording course, pieces are given to the students in advance, based on their level of experience to form a recording ensemble. Beginner and intermediate students will play well known jazz repertoire and are required to have a jazz private lesson teacher at NEC or elsewhere in order to participate in ensembles. Beginner and intermediate students will require private teacher support prior to the start of the course as well as during the course in order to prepare to record on the first day of class.

The primary coach will oversee student tracking and fulfill the roles of producer, arranger, and performer on the tracks alongside students. Participants will contribute to the creation of the arrangements. Pieces will be refined over multiple recording sessions with input from both the primary coach along with special guest faculty who will also recording tracks and giving feedback to the students. Students will receive a professionally mixed recording of the arrangements.

Placement in this course requires a “recording technology” check-in to determine what help students may need to record from home. Students will need at least a basic digital audio workstation such as Garageband, Audacity or any more advanced program like Logic or ProTools.

Jazz Workshop Series

Tuesdays and Thursdays,12:30–2pm

Register: SESSION I: JUNE 23 – JULY 2 
Register: SESSION II: JULY 21–30 

Tuition: $230 (per session)

All levels, all Instruments and voice welcome. Students can sign up for either or both sessions as the material will change.

In this interactive series, each package of four workshops has a different topic presented by a faculty expert in the field. Students will get a sense of the breadth and depth of the NEC jazz program, seeing the faculty demonstrate their expertise in helping students in the subjects below and performing. Students will be asked to play, sing or clap either unaccompanied or along with recordings as well as ask and answer questions.

Session I Jazz Workshops:

  • Auditions Preparation for Jazz and Related Genres with David Zoffer June 23 
  • Influential Recordings and Genres Throughout Jazz History with Rick McLaughlin June 25 
  • Connecting Jazz Singing with Jazz Instruments with David Zoffer June 30 
  • Afro Cuban and World Rhythms with Alexei Tsiganov July 2 

Session II Jazz Workshops:

  • Vocal, Electronic, Live Instrument Production and Arranging with Michael Johnson July 21 
  • Learning Essential Jazz Repertoire with Greg Ryan July 23 
  • Brazilian Styles with Caio Afiune July 28 
  • Classical to Jazz Crossover with Eyran Katsenelenbogen July 30