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Aimee Tsuchiya, Chair

A note on Fall 2020 online learning:

Whether online or in-person we remain dedicated to your growth as musicians and to keeping our community connected.

We are actively arranging virtual one-on-one placement meetings with our Department Chairs who are excited to get to know you and your musical aspirations.

To learn more, please email continuingeducation@necmusic.edu.

Upcoming Online Offerings


Seven Wonders of the Piano Literature


Free Introductory Workshop: Tuesday, November 17 at 7:00pm - Sign Up Now!

Konstantinos Papadakis presents eight lecture-workshops examining seven of the most ground-breaking, inspired, innovative and beautiful masterworks written for piano. These works were composed by seven of the most important figures in Western music and represent monumental compositional and pianistic achievements in the piano literature.

While each session is dedicated to a single composition, it also uncovers the composer's artistic and cultural environment so we can better understand how these works were written and under what circumstances they were inspired. Through this journey of about 250 years we also will be able to examine the amazing transformation of the piano as an instrument itself, the evolution of the piano playing technique and the way that these masters expanded its expressive power.

Other topics to be discussed are style, form, rhythm, pedal, rubato etc.

Class I & II: The Well-Tempered Clavier - Book I[Bach] Monday, November 30 & Tuesday, December 1: 7-8:30pm 

Class III: The Eleventh Sonata, K.331 [Mozart] Wednesday, December 2: 7-8:30pm

Class IV: Diabelli Variations [Beethoven] Thursday, December 3: 7-8:30pm 

Class V: The First Ballade [Chopin] Monday, December 7: 7-8:30pm 

Class VI: Carnaval, Opus 9 [Schumann] Tuesday, December 8: 7-8:30pm 

Class VII: Preludes - Book I [Debussy] Wednesday, December 9: 7-8:30pm 

Class VIII: The Seventh Sonata [Prokofiev] Thursday, December 10: 7-8:30pm

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Certificate Programs

A Certificate of Merit and a Professional Studies Certificate are available in classical piano.


Each semester, we host workshops free of charge for our registered Piano students. For more information, please contact your instructor.