NEC@Revolution Hotel FAQs

  • A grid showing various photos of the interior of Revolution Hotel
    When can I move in?
    • Move in appointments will be scheduled and students will be notified in early August about move-in times. Scheduling is necessary to maintain physical distancing in common spaces. During the move-in students are expected to observe physical distancing and wear a mask. The Revolution Hotel will provide a drop-off zone at the front of the hotel during scheduled move-in times.
  • What security systems are in place for the building and my room?
    • The Revolution Hotel has a front desk presence 24 hours a day and elevators, bedrooms require a key fob to access. In addition to hotel staff, NEC will place a Resident Assistant on each floor and staff from Students Services will be on-call. 
  • Are all rooms singles?
    • Yes, all NEC students will placed in their own room.   Information about the different room layouts and pictures of the rooms can be found on the Revolution Hotel website.  Resident Advisors (RAs) will also be on site.
  • Who do I call if I have a maintenance need?
    • The Revolution Hotel has onsite staff for all of your facility and maintenance needs. Students only need to contact the front desk to ask for assistance.
  • Can I remove any of the furniture in my room?
    • While the furniture in the room cannot be removed, you'll have access to several different spaces in the hotel.
    A bedroom at the Revolution Hotel
  • What’s the story with the restrooms?
    • Standard rooms share 10 single-occupancy restrooms per floor. Each restroom includes a toilet, vanity and glass shower that are synced to the occupancy indicators in your room so you'll always know when a restroom is free. A handicap accessible bath and shower are available on each floor.  NEC and the Hotel will put in place a cleaning and disinfecting protocol for cleaning the shared bathrooms multiple times on a daily basis. There are also premium rooms available with their own bathrooms. 
    • Students with a medical accommodation may request a room with its own bathroom. If you have a documented disability, please visit:  
  • Is there WiFi?
    • Yes, students will have access to the Revolution Hotel's WiFi and there will be a password protected network dedicated for NEC students.
  • Am I able to control the temperature in my room?
    • Each room has its own heating and cooling unit along with access to windows for air ventilation.
  • Where do I do my laundry?
    • Students have multiple options for laundry. Students can set-up their own account with Lapels Dry Cleaners which does daily pick-ups at the Revolution Hotel. There are also several laundry cleaners and a coin operated laundromat within a 5-minute walk from the hotel.
  • Are there practice rooms that I can use?
    • NEC students will be able to practice their instruments in their room with their windows closed, with some limitations on hours of practice. 
  • A bedroom at the Revolution Hotel
    Can I get a microfridge delivered to my room?
    • While microfridges and appliances are not allowed in the rooms each floor will have a full-sized community refrigerator and food prep area that includes microwaves for reheating food. NEC and the Hotel staff will establish cleaning protocols to clean the microwaves daily and to empty and clean the refrigerators weekly.
  • Can I invite guests in the Residence Hotel?
    • At this time, NEC is not allowing guests on the NEC residential floors of the Revolution Hotel or the SLPC. Guests are allowed in the public spaces of the Revolution Hotel as long as they are mindful of physical distancing and wearing a face mask.  NEC students and guests should not congregate outside of the building.  
  • Is there parking at the Revolution Hotel if I have a car?
    • While parking is not available at the Revolution Hotel, several local garages offer long-term parking rates: However, students are discouraged from bringing and keeping a car in the City and there will be no on-street parking permitted in the residential neighborhoods in the vicinity of the hotel or the campus.
  • Can I have mail delivered to the Revolution Hotel?
    • Yes, students can have mail delivered to the Revolution Hotel or the NEC mail room. Please use the address below if sending packages to the Revolution Hotel:

Revolution Hotel


40 Berkeley Street

Boston, MA 02116

  • I’m not required to live on campus, but I am interested in living in the Revolution Hotel. Can I get a room?
    • Students who have not secured housing in Boston may opt to live in the Revolution Hotel. To see if rooms are still available or if you would like to put your name on the waitlist, please email Steven C. Sweat, Director of Residence Life.