We cannot gather with audiences in person right now, but we want to stay connected. We want to uplift each other—within our NEC community, and in the wider world. We want to celebrate the power of music, and rejoice in the incredible creativity, talent, and hard work that's strong and present, right here in our community.

Through the NEC Music Hub series, NEC shares music and other creative expressions from our community via our social media channels, video platforms, and email.

We want to hear from you (yes, you!). We welcome formal and informal performances, "mini-lectures" on musical topics, creative video projects, and more.

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  • Who can participate: All NEC community members are invited to participate, including students, alumni, faculty, and staff across the College, Preparatory School, or School of Continuing Education. In compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, permission from a parent/legal guardian is required for those under age 13.
  • Length: No more than 5-7 minutes. Shorter is better.
  • Orientation: Please submit horizontal videos, not vertical.
  • File size: Send us your file at the highest resolution possible. (High definition is 1920x1080px). 
  • File name: Please name your files with your full name & title of piece/video.
  • Copyright: If there is music in your submission, it must be either 1) in the public domain and findable on IMSLP, or 2) something you hold the rights to, i.e. an original song or improvisation.
  • Language: We welcome submissions in languages other than English! Please include an English translation, or make your video bilingual (English & other language).

We will share as many submissions as we can! However, we cannot guarantee that every submission will be shared.

Ready to send?

Submit Your Video:
Students, Faculty, & Staff
Submit Your Video:

Video Guidelines:

Camera Placement Basics:

  • If you are on camera, aim the camera at your eye level. 

  • Please send horizontal videos. 

  • Lighting: In general, aim for front lighting i.e. a well-placed lamp or ray of light shining on you from the front, and avoid backlighting, i.e. a bright window or lamp behind you. (Unless you’re going for a dramatic shadowy effect!) 

  • Framing: Consider placing yourself off-center in the frame. Photographers often use something called the Rule of Thirds

  • Background: What’s in the background? Do you want it there? Take a moment to move (or remove) anything that seems distracting. 

Getting Creative: 

  • Do the visuals complement the music? Can you get artsy with it? If you have creative ideas, go for it! 

  • Do you need to be on screen the whole time? If you want to try your hand at editing, apps like iMovie can allow you to add other images. 


  • Do you have an external microphone? If so, plug it in for better sound. 

  • If not, how can you use your phone’s microphone to best advantage? Try a few options (different distances or heights in relation to your instrument) and see what works best BEFORE you commit yourself. 

  • It’s okay if it’s not perfect! The purpose of these videos is to share and connect, and the sound doesn’t have to be at the same quality it would be for a professional performance video. 

Resources for Cell Phone Videos: