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Find Your Teacher: Music-in-Education

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Paul Burdick

  • Music Theory
  • Music-in-Education
  • Computer Music Programming

Paul Burdick is a composer, theorist, and educator who specializes in music and technology.


Lyle Davidson

  • Music Theory (College & Continuing Education)
  • Music-in-Education (College)
  • Chair, Theory & Composition (Continuing Education)

Lyle Davidson conducts research in music and cognition, pedagogy, and assessment; and is a founding member of the Conservatory Laboratory…


Larry Scripp

  • Chair, Music-in-Education (College)
  • Music Theory (College)
  • Music-in-Education (Continuing Education)

Larry Scripp, Ed.D., heads NEC's Music-in-Education program and Research Center for Learning Through Music.


Warren Senders

  • Music-in-Education

Warren Senders is an internationally recognized musician and educator with decades of involvement in the artistic and pedagogical…


Randy Wong

  • Music-in-Education (College)
  • Chair, Music-in-Education (Continuing Education)

Randy Wong, Ed.M, CFRE is a nationally respected program developer, educational researcher, and arts administrator, specializing in the…