Michael Mucci, NEC Prep Senior MYWE Conductor


For 23 years, NEC Prep Senior Massachusetts Youth Wind Ensemble (Sr. MYWE) conductor Michael Mucci has put his students first to provide the best music education available beyond what’s offered at their high schools. When you provide faculty support, you make it possible for NEC to recruit and retain exceptional educators like Mucci to elevate the NEC Prep program. 

Thanks to advanced technology, Mucci has been empowered to enrich the student experience. As students virtually break into smaller groups, Mucci creates a sense of community and connection among them. Technology has also enabled him to get to know each student and their playing better as he offers feedback on their weekly individual recordings. 

In so many ways, faculty like Mucci dedicate their time to support the growth of NEC Prep students as they go on their musical journeys. Although not all of them will pursue a musical career, Mucci sees the value of their music education as they discover their roles in the world: “Musicians have a discipline. They experience setbacks and mistakes to achieve their goals, and our students do that in a supportive, nurturing environment.”  

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