Katarina Miljkovic, Chair, Music Theory


Understanding and applying music theory is key to being a literate musician. When you support NEC faculty like Music Theory Chair Katarina Miljkovic, you ensure that NEC students are prepared for the dynamic world of music today.    

Led by Miljkovic, NEC’s Theory Reimagined elevates the traditional teaching of reading and writing music by integrating technology, composition, performance and a diverse repertoire. Through a hands-on approach, students are experiencing music theory in a new way.  

Incorporating advanced technology was key to Miljkovic’s vision for Theory Reimagined. Miljkovic emphasized the importance of students developing the technological skills to share their music with wider audiences, advocating for each student to have a mini-music production studio consisting of a keyboard, access to notation software and a digital audio workstation. “Using technology frees our creativity,” explained Miljkovic. “Students can practice composing on their own and hear, edit and publish their work using music technology.”    

Through the Theory Reimagined curriculum, Miljkovic encourages students to explore and expand their music literacy by engaging in a diverse repertoire and delving into various musical styles from the beginning. In their midyear project, students demonstrated how they applied the three core concepts of Theory Reimagined—composition, technology and performance—through their original compositions in genres ranging from classical music to the blues.   

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