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Victoria Glaser

  • Music Theory

Composer/arranger Victoria Glaser (1918–2008) taught theory classes at NEC beginning in the 1950s, as part of the first generation of teachers whose pedagogical ideas built NEC's Preparatory School as a formal entity under the direction of Frances Brockman Lanier. Glaser continued to teach through 2001, and also published the theory book Training for Musicianship (1971), whose eight-year curriculum was used by NEC Prep. At the time of her death on April 13, 2008, more than 80 of her compositions and arrangements, mostly of vocal and choral music, were in print.

Current NEC Preparatory and Continuing Education Dean and Artistic Director Mark Churchill said of Victoria Glaser that “she had a magical way of engaging students in music, and making them think about the deeper aspects—the significance of what they were listening to, playing, and composing—because her whole life was centered on musical expression.”

A.B., M.A., Radcliffe College.

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