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Jean Chandler

  • English As a Second Language

Jean Chandler taught English As a Second Language at NEC from 1985 through 2014.

Chandler has traveled extensively and lived in four European countries. She is coauthor of Unfulfilled Expectations, which explores family and school influences on literacy development of children of low-income families. She has edited an academic journal on international politics, founded a nursery school, and taught students from 18 months to 85 years of age. She is a founding member of a Teacher Research Group sponsored by the Massachusetts Association of Teachers to Speakers of Other Languages (MATSOL) and is the author of many articles about language acquisition.

B.A., cum laude, Mount Holyoke College; M.A., The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy; M.A.T., Ed.D., Harvard University. Former faculty of Northeastern University, Simmons College, and Clark University.