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NEC Student Recital FEB 23

| New England Conservatory

NEC's students meet one-on-one each week with a faculty artist to perfect their craft. As each one leaves NEC to make their mark in the performance world, they present a full, professional recital that is free and open to the public. It's your first look at the artists of tomorrow.

8:00 pm, The Keller Room Andrew Barnwell '20 BM, piano student of Victor Rosembaum

8:00 pm, Pierce Hall Eric Stilwell '18 M.M., trombone student of Joe Morris and John McNeil

NEC's Jordan Hall, Williams Hall, and the Keller Room at 30 Gainsborough Street and Pierce Hall at 241 St. Botolph Street are wheelchair accessible. To arrange in advance for access to Brown Hall and Sunday/evening access to the St. Botolph building call (617) 585-1263 (voice only), M–F, 9–5.


  1. Program TBA

    Artists: Eric Stilwell, Andrew Barnwell