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Jazz at NEC: Seager and Morris Ensembles

| New England Conservatory: Eben Jordan Ensemble Room

From early jazz, to bebop classics, to exciting student originals, Jazz at NEC has it all. Join us for our faculty-led student ensemble concert series, where students will present a variety of selections of their work over the semester.

7:00pm – Seager

Heather Milberger, voice Daniel Hirsch, trumpet Sam Margolis, trombone Shane Liss Riordan, piano Daniel Stromland, guitar Julian Weisman, bass Gavin Connolly, drums

8:00pm – Morris Morning

Priya Carlberg, voice Jeffrey Cox, trumpet Eric Stilwell, trombone Engin Ozsahin, piano Andres Abenante, guitar Daniel Klingsberg, bass Avery Logan, drums

9:00pm – Morris Evening

Laila Smith, voice Raef Sengupta, alto saxophone Patrick Noonan, tenor saxophone Phillip Golub, piano James Banks, guitar Zachary Lavine, bass Mario Fabrizio, drums


  1. Program TBA

    Artists: Priya Carlberg, Heather Milberger, Engin Ozsahin, Laila Smith, Raef Sengupta, Patrick Noonan, Jeffrey Cox, Daniel Hirsch, Sam Margolis, Eric Stilwell, Phillip Golub, Shane Liss Riordan, Andres Abenante, James Banks, Daniel Stromland, Daniel Klingsberg, Zachary Lavine, Julian Weisman, Gavin Connolly, Mario Fabrizio, Avery Logan