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NEC Symphony + Loebel

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

A large-scale work by George Whitefield Chadwick— New England Conservatory's director from 1897 to 1930—plus works by Brahms and Wagner.

Though the works on this program span two continents, Europe and North America, they span less than two decades, and represent the sounds familiar to audiences during the formative years of NEC, from the 1860s through 1880.

This is David Loebel's first concert of NEC's orchestral season. Loebel also conducts December 6, January 31, March 7, and March 29.

Welcome to NEC at 150! Every generation of musicians remake and change New England Conservatory. Some, like Gunther Schuller, continue to influence our music beyond their lifetimes. Others contribute for decades, pushing the sense of what's possible by their own examples. The entire season is stuffed with chances to see the NEC legacy in exceptional, infectious, passionate action. Don't miss them!


  1. Academic Festival Overture in C minor, Op. 80

    Composer: Johannes Brahms

    Conductor: David Loebel

    Ensemble: NEC Symphony

  2. Tristan und Isolde: Prelude and Liebestod

    Composer: Richard Wagner

    Conductor: David Loebel

    Ensemble: NEC Symphony

  3. Symphony no 2 in B flat major, Op. 21

    • Andante non troppo
    • Allegretto scherzando
    • Largo e maestoso
    • Allegro non troppo

    Composer: George Whitefield Chadwick

    Conductor: David Loebel

    Ensemble: NEC Symphony