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NEC Philharmonia at Symphony Hall

| Symphony Hall

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The energy might make the building take off.

Hugh Wolff conducts a program that includes the world premiere of an NEC 150th Anniversary commission by Aaron Jay Kernis. Artist Diploma violinist In Mo Yang brings NEC's Joachim-Ma Stradivarius for the occasion. It's a fusion of history and where music is taking us.

This season, Stanford and Norma Jean Calderwood Director of Orchestras Hugh Wolff marks his tenth anniversary at NEC. After opening the Belgian National Orchestra season as their new artistic director, and conducting an evening of French opera in Jordan Hall, Wolff returned to NEC for orchestra programs on November 8 and 29, February 14, and March 14. He brings the NEC Philharmonia back to Symphony Hall for the fourth time in his tenure with tonight's concert.

Welcome to NEC at 150! Every generation of musicians remake and change New England Conservatory. Some, like Gunther Schuller, continue to influence our music beyond their lifetimes. Others contribute for decades, pushing the sense of what's possible by their own examples. The entire season is stuffed with chances to see the NEC legacy in exceptional, infectious, passionate action. Don't miss them!

The NEC150 commissions:

Three world premieres, commissioned in honor of NEC’s 150th.
Three worlds of music: jazz, classical, contemporary improvisation.
Three celebrated composers: Argue, Kernis, Coleman.
The next 150 years of music start now.
#NEC150commissions #NEC150

Thursday March 1 | Darcy James Argue (jazz)

Wednesday April 18 | Aaron Jay Kernis (classical)

Wednesday May 2 | Anthony Coleman (contemporary improvisation)


  1. Symphony No. 4 “Chromelodeon”

    • Out of Silence
    • Thorn Rose | Weep Freedom (after Handel)
    • Fanfare Chromelodia

    Composer: Aaron Jay Kernis

  2. Serenade for Violin and Orchestra "after Plato's Symposium"

    • Phaedrus; Pausanias
    • Aristophanes
    • Eryximachus
    • Agathon
    • Socrates; Alcibiades

    Composer: Leonard Bernstein

    Conductor: Hugh Wolff

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia

    Artists: Inmo Yang (Violin)

  3. La mer

    • De l'aube à midi sur la mer
    • Jeux de vagues
    • Dialogue du vent et de la mer

    Composer: Claude Debussy

    Conductor: Hugh Wolff

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia