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Philharmonia + Loebel

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

A work by recent alumna Andreia Pinto-Correia kicks off an evening of stories told in music by Ibert and Prokofiev.

David Loebel conducts NEC orchestra concerts this season on October 18, December 6, January 31, March 7, and March 29.

Welcome to NEC at 150! We are committed not only to exploring and interpreting traditions, but also to expanding boundaries. We support and nurture exceptional talent and imaginative creativity, and welcome back some of the groundbreaking musicians who have studied here to share their music and ideas with us this season.


  1. Xantara

    Composer: Andreia Pinto-Correia

    Conductor: David Loebel

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia

  2. Escales (Ports of Call)

    • Rome - Palermo
    • Tunis - Nefta
    • Valencia

    Composer: Jacques Ibert

    Conductor: David Loebel

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia

  3. Romeo and Juliet, Op. 64

    • Introduction
    • Romeo
    • The Prince's Decree
    • The Young Juliet
    • Dance of the Knights
    • Gavotte
    • Balcony Scene
    • Romeo's Variation
    • Love Dance
    • Public Merrymaking
    • The Duel
    • Romeo decides to avenge Mercutio's death
    • Tybalt's Death
    • Romeo and Juliet (Juliet's bedroom)
    • Morning Serenade
    • Dance of the Maidens
    • Juliet's Funeral and Romeo's Death
    • Juliet's Death

    Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

    Conductor: David Loebel

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia