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NEC Philharmonia + Slatkin

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

Lively music by Leonard Bernstein, who took piano lessons at NEC as a teen, plus a work by conductor Leonard Slatkin.

This all-American program opens New England Conservatory's orchestral season.

In December 2015 the world premiere performance of Slatkin’s Kinah was met with favorable reviews, with critics remarking on its eloquence, poignancy, and evocative use of percussion and strings. Slatkin wrote the piece as an elegy to his late parents, Felix Slatkin and Eleanor Aller of the Hollywood String Quartet, to mark the 100th anniversary of his father’s birth. For the premiere, Slatkin’s brother, Frederick Zlotkin, played the offstage cello solos on the instrument that once belonged to their mother. The piece incorporates themes from the slow movement of the Brahms Double Concerto, which Slatkin’s parents were scheduled to perform together for the first time when Felix died of a heart attack at the age of 47.

Mr. Slatkin will give a talk about his new book, Leading Tones, on Tuesday, September 26 @4:00 PM in the Keller Room at NEC. Free, books available for purchase and signing.


  1. Overture to Candide

    Composer: Leonard Bernstein

    Conductor: Leonard Slatkin

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia

  2. Kinah

    Composer: Leonard Slatkin

    Conductor: Leonard Slatkin

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia

  3. Incredible Flutist: Suite

    • Introduction - Siesta in the Market Place
    • Entrance of the Vendors
    • Entrance of the Customers
    • Tango of the Merchant's Daughters
    • Arrival of the Circus
    • Circus March
    • The Flutist
    • Minuet
    • Spanish Waltz
    • Eight O'Clock Strikes
    • Siciliana
    • Polka Finale

    Composer: Walter Piston

    Conductor: Leonard Slatkin

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia

  4. Symphony no 3

    • Passacaglia
    • Fugue
    • Chorale
    • Toccata

    Composer: William Schuman

    Conductor: Leonard Slatkin

    Ensemble: NEC Philharmonia