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Jazz and CI Faculty Spotlight

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

Faculty members of NEC's Jazz and Contemporary Improvisation programs present a collection of representative works.


  1. Cantigas e Ragas fromGallego-Portuguese Cantigas de Amigos

    Composer: Martin Codax

    Artists: Cristi Catt, Peter Row

  2. Just You, Just Me

    Composer: Jesse/Raymond Greer/Klages

    Artists: Cecil McBee, Hankus Netsky

  3. Lay Down

    Composer: * Greta DiGiorgio and Mark Zaleski

    Artists: Greta DiGiorgio, Mark Zaleski

  4. Reinventing the Wheel

    Composer: Bert Seager

    Artists: Bert Seager, Eden MacAdam-Somer

  5. Native

    Composer: Jorrit Dijkstra

    Artists: Jorrit Dijkstra, Daniel Klingsberg, Sebastian Garzon

  6. Love Walked In

    Composer: George and Ira Gershwin

    Artists: Anthony Coleman

  7. A Day

    Composer: * Ben Schwendener and Carley DeFranco

    Artists: Carley DeFranco, Ben Schwendener

  8. Nihavend Sarki

    Composer: Haci Arif Bey

    Artists: Mal Barsamian, George Lernis, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol

  9. Hüzzam Türkü

    Composer: Anonymous

    Artists: Mal Barsamian, George Lernis, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol

  10. An Elegant Ritual

    Composer: Mehmet Ali Sanlikol

    Artists: James Heazlewood-Dale, George Lernis, Mehmet Ali Sanlikol

  11. Papa Was a Rolling Stone

    Composer: The Temptations

    Artists: Nedelka Prescod

  12. Keno/Na Yella Bo

    Composer: * Traditional Dagomba

    Artists: Jerry Leake

  13. Whale Fall from Black Inscription

    Composer: * Carla Kihlstedt, Mathias Bossi, Jeremy Flower

    Artists: Alexandra Greenwald, Carla Kihlstedt, Melissa Weikart, Jeremy Flower