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NEC Wind Ensemble + Peltz, Eng: The NEC Creators

| New England Conservatory: Jordan Hall

Charles Peltz and graduate student conductor Emily Mariko Eng conduct music by NEC faculty and alumni composers.

Peltz completed his Master of Music degree in wind ensemble conducting at NEC in 1985, studying with Frank Battisti. He returned to take the baton from Battisi as head of NEC's wind ensemble program in 2000.

Emily Mariko Eng is a second-year MM student in Wind Ensemble Conducting.

From the ceremonial fanfares of the Renaissance to the firebrand composers of today, wind ensemble concerts can blow through the centuries in a single evening.

Tonight's program takes a look at NEC's musical legacy through the prism of music for winds and brass.

Welcome to NEC at 150! Every generation of musicians remake and change New England Conservatory. Some, like Gunther Schuller, continue to influence our music beyond their lifetimes. Others contribute for decades, pushing the sense of what's possible by their own examples. The entire season is stuffed with chances to see the NEC legacy in exceptional, infectious, passionate action. Don't miss them!


  1. Prospect Hill: Flourish for Brass

    Composer: Kathryn Salfelder

    Conductor: Charles Peltz

    Ensemble: NEC Wind Ensemble

  2. Tetris

    Composer: Lior Navok

    Conductor: Charles Peltz

    Ensemble: NEC Wind Ensemble

  3. Two Fantasies for Winds, Brass, and Percussion

    Composer: Malcolm Peyton

    Conductor: Charles Peltz

    Ensemble: NEC Wind Ensemble

  4. Music for an Indian Summer

    Composer: Daniel Pinkham

    Conductor: Emily Mariko Eng

    Ensemble: NEC Wind Ensemble

  5. Cantares de Galicia

    Composer: Michael Gandolfi

    Conductor: Charles Peltz

    Ensemble: NEC Wind Ensemble