Erica J. Washburn, Director of Choral Activities


“I have surprised myself in regard to technology in the rehearsal space,” NEC Director of Choral Activities Erica J. Washburn said when describing how she adapted her rehearsals during the pandemic. “Technology has not only allowed our students to make music safely but has reminded them that they are a part of our NEC community, even if we are separated by thousands of miles.” 

When you support NEC faculty like Washburn, you equip them with advanced technology to pioneer new curricular models. Washburn has created an environment in which students continue to experience the joy of singing together, wherever they are. At NEC Prep, she launched the National Youth Chorale Festival, offering young students the opportunity to collaborate with peers around the country through a 14-week webinar-style festival. 

Washburn’s experiences with both the College and the Preparatory School prove that music prevails, and she is optimistic about the future of her students, her department and music. “As ensembles, and as a department, we have grown in ways we did not expect, and I cannot wait to hear the fruition of this growth when we return as a united ensemble,” she said. 

Washburn is committed to providing the highest quality of education for her students, whether they are together or apart. Under her baton, NEC students learn to collaborate creatively as an ensemble and build confidence in their artistry: “The one thing I hope all of my students take away from our time together is for them to always be courageous enough to show their true self when they create and share their music, and to never hold any part of themself back.”  

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