Low Latency Project Grant

Presented by the Fastmusic Project at the NEC Voice and Sound Analysis Lab and EM 

We are pleased to announce the establishment of a new resource for NEC students and alumni: The Low Latency Audio/Video Artistic Project Grant. This grant includes mentorship and training in using low latency audio setups and up to $3,500 in funds to present an artistic project that could only be accomplished using the SoundJack low-latency platform with or without Fastmusic Boxes. This grant will be awarded to an NEC student or alumni who can: 

  • Propose a unique project (performance, audio or video recording, live-stream event) that comments on, reflects upon, acknowledges, or otherwise foregrounds the impact to musicians or communities affected by the 2020- Sars-CoV-2 Pandemic.  

  • This grant will not fund a concert event that would otherwise have been presented in a concert hall pre-Pandemic. Propose something that makes sense now, that helps us to make sense of what is happening now.  

  • Propose a project likely to raise awareness of the potential for the use of low-latency technology in the professional music world 

  • Propose a project that utilizes advanced technology but centers the artistic output 

  • Demonstrate the willingness and potential to gain technical competency with SoundJack and other apps necessary to complete their project 


The application, linked above, consists of the following components. Applications are due by January 18, 2021 @ 11:59pm EST

  • A brief overview of your project including a title, an abstract covering both artistic and technological design, community reach, and anticipated impact  

  • A list of all involved ensemble members and production assistants and their association with NEC (production assistants do not need this association with NEC) 

    • Please note: Currently, over the commercial internet, low latency audio peer too peer connections work best within a metro area (not over 500 miles apart), with groups of three to five participants.

  • A statement explaining what technology you would need versus what you currently own in order to make this project work 

  • A budget demonstrating a command of the comprehensive cost of the project including any marketing or distribution beyond what NEC can provide 

  • An outline of your current understanding of or exposure to low latency audio technology and the level of mentorship you perceive you require; demonstrate that you understand whether your current Internet infrastructure will be a limiting factor. 

  • a clear statement regarding participant safety amid current and potentially more restrictive government health guidance 

Applications will be reviewed by faculty; finalists may be interviewed over Zoom in order to flesh out these needs and ideas in greater detail. Notifications about awards will be sent in early February. 


  • Open only to current NEC college students or alumni 

  • Grant awards will range from $2,000-3,500. Demonstration of additional funding is not required, but please assume that your own existing home Internet infrastructure and current technology will likely play a role in the successful completion of this project.  

  • Grant awards will fund low latency equipment purchase, rental, or loan; education and technical support; and marketing and distribution for final products.   

  • Grant awards cannot be used to upgrade your home Internet service or to reimburse equipment you already own. 

A final thought: 
You are not limited to established modes of presenting music performances, and you need not foreground the low latency tech directly in the culminating event/artifact. Please make this project about the artistic output. Low latency tech need only play a crucial role in facilitating that artistic result. Your current challenges as a musician in the midst of a Pandemic are the broad platform for this project. Lean into them as a source of creativity. Show others what this moment is, and model how we could all respond to it. Your final product is free for you to use as you wish, but NEC will reserve the right to spotlight your event and share any resulting audio and video media through our own online outlets. 


This grant is made possible through the generous support of the Mattina R. Proctor Foundation.