Music Career Bootcamp

June 15-17, 2021

10:00am - 3:00pm  EDT

Each day includes 1:1 career advising, topic presentation, and case study / Q&A with NEC Alumni 

  Faculty:     Annie Phillips      Drew Worden      Tanya Maggi 



Friends in the orchestra pit
  • Lifestyle Design 

  • Personal Finance  

  • Marketing from Mission 

  • Your Dream Career + 1-3-5 year plans  

  • Building Community and the Music Industry 

  • Finding balance in a creative life 


Participants will leave with: 

  • 1/3/5 year plans for your dream career  

  • Personal Finance Plan, including a personal budget and savings plan  

  • Business plan for a new venture (private lesson studio, freelancing, chamber ensembles, product development, etc.)  

  • Professional bio, resume/CV 

  • Personal website you built and can maintain 


Limited to 30 participants, so apply before it's too late!  

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"The EM Bootcamp created a spontaneous and helpful environment for students to begin seriously planning their futures and careers. I feel that I have grown tremendously over the three-day course and look forward to taking more courses with EM in the future!" — Cassie Pinataro

"Bootcamp was incredibly helpful and informative! Whether you are an incoming student or just graduating NEC, the few days you will spend in this camp will help you understand how to create reasonable plans to go after the career you want and think in-depth about all of the parts that will make your music and non-music related life as great as it can be."  — Bootcamp Participant (June '20)

"I am so thankful for the EM Bootcamp! It brought confidence and clarity to these uncertain times." — Bootcamp Participant (June '20)

"The EM team is an invaluable resource and this bootcamp is not to be missed!" — Bootcamp Participant (June '20)

"This bootcamp gave me both the confidence and the tools I needed to create my own opportunities and make meaningful connections in the music industry. I'm very grateful to the EM Department for creating such a valuable course!" — Bootcamp Participant (June '20)

Annie and Drew are incredibly insightful, creative, and passionate about what they do! Our coaching sessions completely transformed the way I approach job interviews and have inspired me to pursue my career goals more intentionally and confidently” - Melissa Weikart, MM '18 Contemporary Improvisation

EM helped me see a career for myself with the skills sets that I have. My ideas were formulated and expanded during advising sessions and filled me with motivation. It was the support of the advisors and the tiniest of details I’ve learned through the EM department that has made it possible for me to have and enjoy a career in music.” – Alex Stening, MM '16 French Horn Performance