Opera Workshop Series

Bring your operatic performance to a new level. Perform with a live string ensemble and prizewinning pianist, through NEC's SCE Opera Workshop.

Designed for intermediate and advanced opera singers, the SCE Opera Workshop offers a robust training in acting and character development and the fundamentals of body movement and dance, and includes individual coaching in repertoire and voice mechanics. The workshop culminates in a public performance of solo arias and ensembles, with world class NEC string players lead by prizewinning pianist Ziang Xu.

The SCE Opera Workshop supplements the fine work done between singer and voice teacher, and provides singers opportunities to continue to build their dramatic, movement, technical and interpretive skills, and to make themselves more competitive in the vocal industry. 

Audition Requirement: One or two opera arias, memorized. 

Course Requirements: Two opera arias of your choice (Baroque through Modern), well prepared and ready for coaching, one in Italian and one in English. In addition to their solo arias, singers will be assigned large ensemble numbers to prepare, and possibly additional duets, trios, etc.

  • Fall 2022
SLPC Black Box Opera Studio