Fundraising for Musicians

Along with your musical abilities, your long-term professional success in the music industry is built on relationships. Successful fundraising is a natural result of building relationships with purpose. In the 21st century, as the financial security traditionally provided by arts institutions dwindles, building your career on the strength of a strategically managed web of relationships is increasingly essential. Participants in this 7-session course will learn the best practices of fundraising in the performing arts industry, have the opportunity to practice them in a safe space, and receive constructive feedback.

"I highly recommend this course for any musician, especially those who are looking to take on increased leadership roles within their ensemble, project, or organization. Whether you are working independently or for a nonprofit, the reality of how the arts exist in today's society means that fundraising has become a highly desirable skill. This course gave me the experience necessary to help steer fundraising strategies and funding goals for my department." - Josue Gonzalez, Director of Education & Community Partnership, Rockport Music (formerly Director of El Sistema, Conservatory Lab Charter School)