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Phone numbers

617-585-1100 Main switchboard

617-585-1290 Security post at Jordan Hall building
617-585-1241 Security post at St. Botolph building
617-585-1255 Security post at SLPC
617-585-1333 Security post at 33 Gainsborough

617-585-1200 Office of the President 
617-585-1148 Marketing
617-585-1146 Visual Assets (Photography)
617-585-1729 Advancement and Engagement (Giving, Alumni Relations)
617-585-1194 Copy/Mail Center (submit a work order)
617-585-1175 Alumni Relations
617-585-1187 Facilities & Operations (submit a work order)
617-585-1214 Accounts Payable
617-585-1230 Human Resources

617-585-1101 College Admissions
617-585-1110 College Financial Aid
617-585-1221 College Student Billing
617-585-1305 Dean of the College
617-585-1310 College Student Services

617-585-1160 Preparatory School
617-585-1174 Prep Registration

617-585-1701 Continuing Education 
617-585-1134 Continuing Ed Registration

617-585-1260 NEC Box Office
617-585-1268 Jordan Hall Operations

617-585-1118 Entrepreneurial Musicianship
617-585-1170 Music Referral Service (hire a musician)
617-585-1243 Community Performances & Partnerships
617-585-1250 Library

Postal address

New England Conservatory
290 Huntington Avenue
Boston MA 02115-5018

Note: Please use this addressing for all USPS (postal) mailing, regardless of which building on campus is the location of your addressee. The USPS address is also used by most private delivery services, e.g. FedEx and UPS. If you are using courier or other form of hand delivery, you will find the exact street location of each NEC campus building on this campus map.


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