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Campus Life


Set in the heart of Boston, NEC is an essential piece of the rich musical culture here in our beautiful city. With the Boston Symphony Orchestra (BSO) and Wally’s Café less than a block away from our campus, students have the opportunity to hear some of the greatest performances and connect with the most talented musicians in the industry.  

NEC’s student body is a mosaic of the best and brightest musicians from around the world. Comprised of approximately 750 graduate and undergraduate students from 44 states and 39 foreign countries, our community is vibrant with culture, language, and character.  Each student contributes to the larger voice of NEC.


"I think the people of Boston are fantastic. 

It's a city of a bunch of young people going to great schools, all passionate about what they do."

Daniel Hersog - Jazz Composition

Students gather in front of NEC's Jordan Hall building