Alexander Technique Workshop

Your Body the Instrument, Self-care with the Alexander Technique

August 20-22

Our body is our main instrument; the Alexander Technique (AT) helps us “tune” it to help us stay at peak performance level. By addressing everyday posture, coordination, breath and habits, the Alexander Technique offers freedom from excess tension, prevents injury and helps with chronic pain.

For over 100 years the Alexander Technique (AT) has helped musicians, actors, dancers, athletes and others get rid of unnecessary tensions and perform with ease and enjoyment.

In these experiential workshops the students will work on developing their awareness of how they usually interfere with the body’s natural alignment and coordination and learn tools to change the habits that may be causing fatigue or pain.

Each class will have a lecture as well as an experiential, hands-on, awareness games component, and student performances to apply the tools learned to actual performing.


This workshop meets from 6-9p.m. on August 20, 21, and 22

Tuition: $295.00

Registration Fee: $40.00