Albert Oppenheimer ’09, ’11 MM Composition, ’12 Sistema Fellow

“What I love the most about NEC is everyone’s eagerness to collaborate and explore new ideas.”  


Albert Oppenheimer ’09, ’11 MM, ’12 Sistema Fellow didn’t envision a career in finance when he began his compositional studies at NEC. As a student composer, he said, “I had to find my own players and venues, build relationships and manage budgets,” all of which he continues to do today in his role as associate director of mortgage investments at Canada Life.  

By taking advantage of opportunities within and beyond the practice rooms at NEC, Albert gained diverse skills that set him up for success as he established his career. “What may seem like routine in our practice rooms is actually an important skill that directly translates to any professional path,” he said. “When you are practicing hours at a time to improve every note, every sound, and every technique, you are demonstrating your ability to identify faults and to make it better. What company wouldn’t want to hire someone who knows how to improve?”  

Music remains a part of Albert’s life as he continues to compose for his vast NEC network across the globe. “The relationships I’ve made at NEC have supported me through all the changes in my life,” he said. “Aside from the professional boost you’ll get at NEC, the social support is also invaluable.”  


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