How to Use ADP Online "Time & Attendance" Portal

Step A: Register for iPayStatements

  1. Go to this web address: and click on “Register Now.”
  2. A window will appear that will ask you to enter the company registration code.  (It may take a few minutes to appear.)
    o Complete the steps on the website to select your ADP User ID and password:
    o Select “YES” when asked whether you want to set up a new NEC account.
    o Enter your legal first and last name.
    o Select the button for the last four digits of your SSN, EIN or ITIN and enter the last four digits of your social security number.
    o Select your birth month and day from the drop down boxes.
    o Click the “Confirm” button.
    o If this data is all correctly entered, your email address and mobile phone number will be pre-populated on the next screen.  If either your email address or mobile phone number is incorrect, please replace them with the correct data.  We recommend using your NEC email address. 
    o Switch the buttons from “Business” to “Personal” for both your email address and mobile phone number.
    o Check the box asking if you will allow ADP to contact you regarding youraccount.
    o Where prompted to enter your username, enter your first initial of your first name followed by your last name (e.g., “ljohnson” for Linda Johnson). 
    o Click the “Check availability” button.  If your selected username is already taken by another ADP user, modify your username by adding a number or additional characters of your name to create your username.  Please make sure that you select a username that is easy for you to remember.
    o Select your password and enter it twice where prompted.
    o Select three security questions and enter your answers.
    o Click the “Register Now” button.
  3. Once your registration is complete, you can go to to log in and view your pay statements since November 2015.  (Save this website to your favorites for easy future access.)  Pay statements are available under Myself/Pay/Pay Statements in the dropdown menu.  If you have used ADP at other companies in the past, you may see your previous pay statements on the website as well.
  4. You can download a mobile application (ADP Mobile Solutions) for iPhone or Android to view your pay statements on your mobile phone.
  5. If you receive a W-2 from NEC, you will also be able to access it online under Myself/Pay/Annual Statements at the end of January.

Step B: Enter Hours Worked into ADP Time & Attendance

  1. On each day that you work at NEC, you should enter your hours into ADP. To begin the process, go to this web address:
  2. Log in using your ADP User ID and password. Note: This is the same login that you created to access the website iPaystatements. If you have not set up a log in yet, please visit, click on “Register Now,” and follow the steps to create a User ID/password.
  3. From the top menu bar, select “Myself,” then “Time and Attendance,” then “My Timecard.”
  4. On the “My Timecard” screen, you will see an electronic timesheet reflecting the current two-week pay period. If you wish to view past or upcoming pay periods, you can choose those options from the dropdown menu. You will not be able to enter hours into a pay period that has ended.
  5. To enter your hours, choose the row that corresponds to the day that you worked. Enter your start and end time in the “In-Out” column, being sure to select “AM” or “PM” where appropriate. (You can type the number and letter A or P as a shortcut. For example, typing 5P will translate into 5:00 PM.) The “Hours” column will automatically calculate based on the times that you enter.
  6. In the “Department” column, click on the magnifying glass to choose the name/number of the department that you worked for. You can mouse over the department number to see the department name each number corresponds to, or search for a department by name. NOTE: Be sure to select the actual department that you worked for, as hours billed to the default department in this field (#000000)will not be paid. If you do not remember the name or number of your department, please contact your supervisor for clarification. Selecting the wrong department number could result in a delay in payment.
  7. From the drop-down menu labeled “Pay Rate,” choose your pay rate. Pay rates were determined by your supervisor at the time of hire. If you do not remember your rate of pay, please ask your supervisorfor clarification.
  8. Repeat steps 5 through 7 for each position/department that you worked and each block of time in each day. IMPORTANT:

    a. If you worked for several shifts in a single day (for example, 9 AM-11 AM and 2 PM-5 PM on Tuesday, January 19th), you must enter each block of time on a separate row. To do this, leftclick on the far-left column and select “Add Blank Row.”
    b. If you work for more than one department, you must remember to choose a different department code from the “Department” drop-down menu so that the correct hours are attributed to the correct department. If you performed multiple jobs within the same department that were paid at different hourly pay rates, you must make a new selection from the “Pay Rate” menu so that your hours can be paid at the appropriate pay rates.
    c. Example: On Tuesday, you worked from 9 AM to 11 AM for Department 360000, where you earn $10/hour. That same day, you worked from 2 PM to 5 PM for Department 475000, where you earn $12/hour. To enter all of this time:
      o Choose department 360000 from the “Department” menu and “$10” from the “Pay Rate” menu to enter the 2 hours you worked for Department 360000 (enter 9 AM - 11 AM in the “In-Out” column).
      o Then single-click on the white/gray icon in the first column and select “Add Blank Row.”
      o In the new row, in the Department column, choose Department 457000 from the menu and “$12” from the “Pay Rate” menu. Enter the three hours you worked for Department 457000 (enter 2 PM - 5 PM in the “In-Out” column—taking care to select “PM”).
      o Your supervisor in Department 360000 will then be responsible for approving your morning hours and your supervisor for Department 457000 will be responsible for approving your afternoon hours.
  9. Review your timecard before the end of the pay period to ensure that your hours have been attributed to the correct departments and that you have selected the correct pay rate(s).
  10. The information that you have entered onto your timecard information will be visible by the supervisor(s) of the department(s) that you selected. Supervisors will only be able to view the hours for students in their departments, so your timecard may need to be viewed/approved by multiple supervisors. Each supervisor will review and approve the information that you entered (hours worked and pay rate) for his/her department and make changes as needed.
  11. At the close of the pay period, your timecard will be “locked” to prevent further changes and the information will be transmitted to NEC’s payroll department several days prior to the pay date.

Additional Paperwork Required for All Student Employment Participants

US citizens and Permanent Residents must file the W-4 Federal Income Tax Form and the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form at the NEC Financial Aid Office prior to beginning work. The following documentation is required:

Photo ID, such as a Driver’s License or NEC ID
Social Security Card or Birth Certificate

Please refer to the I-9 form for alternative forms of documentation.

International students must first obtain a Social Security card in order to be paid for your employment. Part of the application for the Social Security number includes a letter from your on-campus employer. Please see your advisor or the Director of International Student Services for complete information about this process.

When you receive your card, you must see an International Tax Administrator, either Lauren Flaherty in the Financial Aid Office or Hojae Lee in the Business Office, to complete the necessary payroll paperwork. All paperwork must be completed BEFORE you can work or be paid. (Please note that this information must be updated every calendar year.)