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Tuesday Night New Music is a student-run, faculty-supervised concert series that offers the opportunity to hear music by the next generation of composers: current NEC composition students. The series is directed by Katherine Balch '14 Tufts/NEC and Sonnet Swire ’16, under the supervision of composition chair Michael Gandolfi.

The notes on these works were written by the respective composers.

Jae-hyun Hong Nolee
William Connell, tenor trombone
Eckbert Sierra, baritone saxophone
Sodam Lim, Angela Qianwen Shen, violin
Miyoung Park, viola
Seungsei Kim, cello
Dara Blumenthal-Bloom, double bass
Andrew Grossman, David Luidens, percussion
Feng Niu, Bo Hao, piano
Mark Tse, conductor

This piece is my own consideration of how to communicate between traditional music and new music. Nolee means “playing” in Korean, and it’s from the name of a traditional Korean percussion ensemble “Samul Nori.” (Although nowadays the traditional ensembles use “Samul Nori” as the proper noun, I’d rather decide to spell it as Nolee, because it is more accurate to pronounce its actual sound in Korean. The word “Samul” means “four objects,” and it indicates specific instruments in the traditional ensemble, so I decided to use only the word “Nolee” as the title.) All sounds represent the sound of traditional music, but I use my own interpretation within this piece.

Niki Harlafti Ballade pour Manos in three movements
Ting Ting Wu, piano

The piece is dedicated to my good friend and awarded pianist Manos Kitsikopoulos, by whom it was also inspired. The first movement is an homage to Chopin, borrowing motifs from the “Revolutionary” and “Winter Wind” études from a 21st-century perspective, creating a multilayered polyscalar environment. The second movement is based on four tones that create an “idée fixe.” As these develop in rhythm, time, and space, new tones emerge, introducing bitonal harmonies. The third movement is the most “impressionistic” of the three, combining a new “idée fixe” with romantic and neoclassical elements. The main Alberti bass-style figure that functions alternately as both melody and accompaniment was inspired by Béatrice, a short piano piece by Dimitris Mitropoulos.

Yeeray Low Two Psalms
Answer Me When I Call to You - The Heavens Declare the Glory of God
Adam Pistole, baritone
Yeeray Low, piano

Ari Sussman Hanerot Halalu
Karina Crespo, Syd Rvinsky, soprano
Karen Notovitz*, SarahAnn Duffy, alto
Matthew O’Donnell, Eric Viñas, tenor
Zizhao Wang, Max Majillzadeh*, bass
Katherine Miller, piano

Composed in early 2011 and revised in 2013, Hanerot Halalu, meaning “These Lights” in Hebrew, is an ancient chant written in the Talmud (ancient writings on Jewish law) from the section entitled “Soferim.” The chant reminds us of the sacred nature of the Hanukkah lights that are lit to commemorate and publicize the Hanukkah miracles. The song states that our sole intent in kindling the Hanukkah lights is to publicize the miracle, and therefore, it is forbidden to use the light from the Menorah in any other way.

Jiyoung Ko In an Empty Vessel (Four Pieces for Solo Violin)
Yoojin Jang, violin

This composition is played on open violin strings, with harmony and chords fashioned from the pure tones. Throughout four movements, I freely articulated the natural tonal expression of the violin.

Initially, I struggled to compose this piece, no matter how much I focused my efforts to do it. After several attempts, I still could not produce much more than fifty measures. My breakthrough came when I decided to free myself from the technical constraints of formal musical composition. This then allowed me to create a more substantial piece, as if I had tapped into a deeper emotional place within myself. I am very satisfied with this composition, since it was driven by an honest emotional impression of the music.

Marios Nicolaides Continuation
Eckbert Sierra, tenor saxophone
Daniel Parker, cello
Elizabeth Burns, double bass

Taking a step forward.

Moving ahead by taking a step back and trying to appreciate what you have created.

Observe what you are creating now in order to redefine yourself.

Once you have achieved that, there are still more steps to take.

Stephanie Ann Boyd A Kaleidoscoped Menagerie
First Violin: Matthew Vera, Mason Yu, Inga Liu, Yoonbe Kim
Second Violin: Linnaea Brophy, Leo Marillier, Harriet Langley, Hee-Soo Yoon
Viola: Hannah Nicholas
Cello: Alan Toda-Ambaras, Mo Mo, Zi Wang
Double Bass: Michael McClure, Aidan Phipps, Brian McAnally
Nathan Aspinall, conductor

This piece was written for a festival in Italy this past summer and draws inspiration from solo works I have written over the past five years for four of my dearest friends: two violinists, a violist, and a cellist. It is dedicated to them; a very special string quartet.

Date: November 12, 2013 - 8:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Brown Hall

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