The John Orth collection is organized into four series. Each series consists of one folder. The series are:

  1. Biographical Information
  2. Correspondence
  3. Newspaper articles
  4. Programs

The items in the Biographical file include: a pamphlet for a lectures series given by Orth about Liszt which includes biographical information about Orth as well as press comments about him; a flier advertising a concert; an article entitled "Who's Who in Brookline"(also included in the Newspaper series); and "An Appreciation" for John Orth written by William F. Macy. There is also a handwritten biographical information about Orth, at least a portion of which was copied from Baker's Dictionary of Musicians

The folder of correspondence contains five items of correspondence- two postcards and three letters written to John Orth during the years 1913-1931.

The small collection of Newspaper articles date from the 1920s and 1930s. They consist of articles about: John Orth; Franz Liszt; and the "Golden Age" of music in the town of Taunton, MA, as told in a lengthy article from the Taunton Daily Gazette.  Photocopies of the newspaper articles have been made for preservation purposes. A few contain photographs of Orth.

The folder of Programs spans the years 1885 to 1949.  This group of programs consists mainly of programs for lectures given by John Orth; piano performances given by John Orth's pupils; and piano performances of the pupils of John Orth's sisters: Sybilla Orth, Caroline Orth Young, and Louise Orth Bosworth. Also, there is one program for a lecture about Debussy given by Heinrich Gebhard and one booklet from the Chromatic Club (of which Caroline Orth Young and Louise Orth Bosworth) were members.