Do you want to create an event on campus or bring a program to NEC?  See something missing on campus?  A Penguin Project is your opportunity to work with the Student Activities Center to develop your idea into a tangible part of the NEC community.

A Penguin Project is something that has the potential to positively affect the NEC community.  It does not have to be a music-related project.  In fact, since life at NEC is already incredibly musically focused, we encourage you to look at other areas that help shape our community as unique and well-rounded individuals.  Penguin Projects provide students with the opportunity to create purposeful programming for the NEC community and the tools to balance the demands of school with personal interests.

Resources Available

If approved for a Penguin Project, you will have the opportunity to work closely with the Student Activities staff to realize your idea.  In addition to the mentoring and support of the Student Activities Center in program planning and execution, you may be eligible to take advantage of the following resources, pending project approval:

  • Copying and printing
  • Room/space reservation
  • Advertising
  • Purchasing materials or subsidy of project costs

How to Start a Penguin Project

Tell us about it!  When proposing your idea, be sure to include specific information:

  • Date, time, location
  • A clearly stated objective. What do you hope to accomplish with your Penguin Project?
  • Resources you would need
  • Number of people that would participate
  • Ways it would benefit the NEC community

The more detailed you can be in your proposal, the better we can help you realize your idea.  Once we have reviewed your proposal, we will meet with you to get your Penguin Project started.

Not completely sure of all the details yet?  Come by the Student Activities Center and discuss your idea with us. Using our resources and experiences we can collaborate with you to make your Penguin Project successful.