The Residence Hall laundry room offers energy-efficient, front-load machines. These facilities are available for residents' personal use only. Washing and drying costs one dollar per wash/dry and may be purchased with quarters or with the student Penguin Pass by adding Cold Cash to the account.


Don't want to lug your laundry upstairs only to find out that the washers are full?
You don't have to! Track the availability of each machine through Laundry View by visiting and never waste a trip again!


Laundry Tips:

  • Use High Efficiency (HE) laundry detergent for best results.
  • When using any detergent, be sure to use only a quarter of a cup so that your clothes don't come out soapy.
  • Do not use liquid softer in these washers; instead use a softener sheet in the dryer. Liquid softeners leave a film in the washers that make them end up smelling poorly. After a while, everyone's clothes come out stinker than when they went in!
  • Set a timer on your phone or track your laundry on Laundry View so that you promptly move over and pick up your laundry to avoid missing items and to be respectful of your peers.

The Conservatory is not responsible for the theft or destruction of personal items.