NEC's many recognized Student Organizations celebrate and promote the diversity of our student body.  We aim to promote friendship, dialogue, and understanding among all students. Our current Student Organizations are listed below. If you don't find what you're looking for, you can start your own Student Organizations. NEC is growing and changing every year. Your contribution makes NEC a vibrant place to be. Look here for more information on how to start your own Studenr Organiztion.

Feel free to contact all student organizations by e-mail or phone or stop by at the Student Activities Center for more information.

Current Student Organizations

NEC African-American Student Union

The mission of the New England Conservatory African-American Student Union is to provide an open forum for our students who are descendants of the African and African-American diaspora. By creating a safe space and welcoming atmosphere, we are able to unify and educate not only ourselves, but the greater NEC community, about our rich, unique history and culture. Through various forms of discussion, performances, and outreach, we share our experiences, express our ideas, and cultivate our dreams.

Interested?  Contact Ryan Sands:

NEC Consciousness Raising Group

The NEC Consciousness Raising Group is an opportunity for members of the NEC community and beyond to listen, discuss, and engage with social justice matters of race, gender, and class. 

Interested?  Contact Charmanie Lee:

NEC French Language Club

Are you interested in French language and culture?

Interested? Contact Andrew Heath: 
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NEC Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

Our vision is to be a community of healthy and excellent artists who follow Jesus and love the campus! We welcome everyone from all spiritual backgrounds.

Interested?  Contact Dan Raney: