NEC’s Campus Master Plan and the
Boston Permitting Process

New England Conservatory entered the early stages of the public review process mandated by Article 80 of the Boston Zoning Code in December 2011. Article 80 is the vehicle by which communities can have a voice in the development projects that will immediately affect them. NEC is proud that our neighbors supported our plan and warmly endorsed it before the Boston Redevelopment Authority. It is in large measure thanks to them that NEC received unanimous approval in July 2012.

Permitting timeline:

through 2011 Briefings with elected officials and informal meetings with neighborhood associations to share our vision of the project.

December 2011 Boston Redevelopment Authority (BRA) selects Task Force of community members to review the project.

2011-12-16 NEC submits a Letter of Intent to the BRA to develop the proposed project.

2012-01-06 NEC submits the Institutional Master Plan Notification Form/Project Notification Form (the conceptual design plans) to the BRA.

2012-01-17 The Task Force and members of the community meet with BRA representatives at NEC. Both the process of Article 80 review and Article 85 (Demolition Delay review that is mandated by Boston Landmarks Commission) are discussed. Attendees are invited to submit comments and questions for NEC’s planners.

2012-07-12 BRA unanimously approves NEC's Institutional Master Plan, opening the way to completion of final design and, ultimately, construction.