SLPC 2013Nov sketches - Orchestra Rehearsal Room floorplans ABNEC’s historic Jordan Hall is, of course, the jewel in the crown of NEC’s performance spaces and serves as an important “classroom” for our student musicians. But Jordan Hall is constantly in use. So to augment that hall, the Student Life and Performance Center will feature an Orchestra Rehearsal Room that replicates the stage and acoustical characteristics of Jordan Hall, and can accommodate rehearsals of up to 100 musicians, as shown in the first layout on this page and the sketch below.

Situated with dramatic windows that jut out like a “prow” over St Botolph Street, the space will not only benefit from generous natural lighting for daytime activities but offer an inviting glimpse from the street of the music-making taking place inside.

Measuring 63 feet by 43 feet or approximately 3000 square feet, the Orchestra Rehearsal Room occupies two floors vertically, with a 32-foot-high ceiling, and acoustic reflectors 25 feet above the floor. It can accommodate an audience of 100 to 150, as shown in the second layout.

Adjustable acoustical treatment allows the room to function well for recital and smaller ensemble performances as well as full orchestra. The room Wall and floor finishes are largely natural-finish wood, with the upper walls including adjustable sound-absorbing banners.

SLPC 2013Nov sketches - Orchestra Rehearsal Room