Cable television

The 8th floor lounge in the Residence Hall has a large screen TV with cable TV for student use. Each room in the Residence Hall is equipped with a cable hook-up that can be activated by the student with the local cable company, Comcast. Students are responsible for all instillation and monthly charges that are billed directly from the provider. Comcast: or 1.800.COMCAST

Computer connections

Wireless services

NEC provides wireless service throughout the Residence Hall,  Student Lounge, Dining Hall, and within the Spaulding and Firestone Libraries, allowing any student with a wireless ready computer, iPad, smart phone, etc. to access the Internet in these spaces. Students wishing to use the service must use their NEC username and password to connect to the network. Additional information is available at Orientation, Registration, and in the Residence Hall Office.

Ethernet connection

Every room at the NEC residence hall is capable of being connected to the Internet via one of the phone jacks provided, or through the cable hook-up. High speed internet can be set up through Comcast or through another carrier that the student chooses. Students who choose to get internet access in their room will be required to purchase a modem through Comcast. Again, students are responsible for the set-up and for monthly charges that are billed directly from the provider.

Computer lab

The Conservatory has a computer lab on-campus located in the basement of the St. Botolph Building (SBG11). The hours for the computer lab will be posted within the first 2 weeks of the academic year.