This list reflects donations made between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015.

President’s Ensemble ($1,500 – $2,499)

Peter G. and Ellen P. Fallon
Albert V. ’55, ‘57 and
  Effie G. Ferguson ‘54
Lawrence G. and
  Marjorie J. Franko
Barbara Winter Glauber and
  Robert R. Glauber
Sibila C. Glöggler Korb and
  David Korb
Robert L. Goldsmith and
  Kathleen McIsaac
Jerry and Margaretta Hausman
Mrs. Avis M. Herseth
Shintaro and Setsuko Hori
John L. Hornor III '53, '55, '57 and
  Catherine C. Hornor
IBM Matching Gifts Program
George and Elisabeth W. Ireland
Johnson String Instrument, Inc.
Don E. Jones, Jr.
Saj-nicole Joni, Ph.D.
Barbara R. Jordan and
  Robert Pemberton
Dr. and Mrs. J. Philip Kistler
La Bella Strings
Yuen-Sheung Lau and
  Tat-Kit Lin
Anthony H. and Sharon Lee
Laurence Lesser ’00 hon. D.M.
Michael and Aliza S. Lesser
Andrew G. Mantel ‘82
Maggie McNally and Alex Krutsky
Pete S. and Patricia P. Michaels
Craig A. and Sujey Morgan
Vincent J. and Natalia Morgan
Violet Ohanasian
The Robert Treat Paine

John S. Paolella and Elliot B. Davis
Henry Paulus
Christopher and Julie H. Peabody
Charles H. ’85 and Kirstin S. Peltz
Edward N. Perry and
  Cynthia W. Wood
Jeffrey D. Plunkett and
  Catheline van den Branden
Lia and William Poorvu
Florence Preisler
Daniel R. and Vicki Quinn
Kairyn L. Rainer and
  Mark Williams
Donna M. Regis '79 in memory of
  Carl C. Howard '36, '93 hon. D.M.
Ted L. Reinert
Mercedes E. and Bruce Rodman
June and Mark Rzepczynski
John E. Sandberg and
  Ann Nortmann
  in memory of Melba R. Sandberg
Rob Schmieder
Stephen M. Schnitzer and
  Iris Taymore Schnitzer
Kathleen I. Schuller-Bleakie and
  Maxwell Bleakie
Katie Lempert Sklar '92
David R.A. and Sharon Steadman
Dennis J. and Lily Sullivan
C. Winfield Swarr '62 and
  Winifred B. Swarr
Mr. and Mrs. Neil L. Thompson
Robert H. Traylor
Verizon Foundation
Anne H. and Monte J. Wallace
Jeffery D. Williams ’78
Robert and Linda Williams