Elizabeth Skavish, Instructor

This course is designed to develop excellence in piano sight-reading skills. Students learn specific techniques of piano sight-reading in addition to exploring the ways that music of different composers appears on the page. A strong emphasis is placed on the understanding of stylistic periods of keyboard music, and becoming skilled with rhythmic accuracy at first sight. Students also learn practical ways of applying music theory knowledge to improve their sight-reading, and how to use keyboard topography to their best advantage. Students sight-read and build confidence each week in class in a variety of contexts: whole class with and without the instructor, with duet partners, and individually. Differentiated instruction allows each student to achieve at his/her own highest level and ensures that each student is challenged appropriately by the instructor. Weekly homework is an important part of the course and includes playing scales and arpeggios in all keys as well as sight-reading.

A pre- or co-requisite for the course is music theory at Level II or above (or a working knowledge of the same material). Please note that basic facility with note-reading skills is assumed and necessary for a successful Piano Sight-reading class experience. Minimum age for the class is 10. Repertoire level should be Level II or above; this course is required for Level II Certificate piano students and is a one semester course.

Fall or Spring Semester, 15 weeks, Saturday, 11:00 – 12:00 PM

Placement auditions for both semesters are held in September. To schedule an audition, please click here. If you have any questions, please give us a call at 617-585-1130 or email prep@necmusic.edu.