Piano Class for Singers I

Aimee Tsuchiya, instructor

This class will develop skills, knowledge and technique at the keyboard to boost overall musicianship and provide useful tools for burgeoning young singers. No prior piano experience required. We will cover basic elements including the ability to read music, understand rhythms and time signatures, key signatures, chords and transposition. Students will gain the ability to play scales, short two-hand solo pieces and sight-read simple vocal melodies accurately, as well as analyze and play chord progressions, and learn how to accompany themselves on vocal repertoire. Students will be encouraged to sing at the keyboard much of the time, teaching themselves to hear intervals and learn melodies at the keyboard, as well as sing harmonies in choral settings and with chordal accompaniments. Materials will include technical and theoretical exercises, short vocal excerpts, and the student’s own repertoire in various styles!

Students with some piano background may place out of the Fall Semester session, by placement audition with instructor.

Appropriate for students 11 years old and up, or with instructor approval. Class size is limited to 6 students each semester.

Meets for the Full Academic Year, Saturday, 2:00 - 3:00 PM