Generally, students are awarded one credit for each hour of class time.
Exceptions are made for studio, ensemble, and a small number of classes.
For complete information as to courses offered in the current year, students
should consult the schedule of course offerings available each semester in the
Registrar’s Office. Courses numbered 100 through 499 are undergraduate
level; courses numbered 500 through 999 are graduate level. Course numbers
preceded by a “»” are typically offered each academic year. Course numbers
followed by a “T” are taught to mixed classes of undergraduates and graduates.
Undergraduate students may register for graduate-level courses with the
instructor’s permission. Courses followed by a “*” are repeatable for credit.
Courses followed by a “**” are repeatable for credit if the topic has changed
(permission from Academic Advisor required).


»PNO 130 – Piano Class
Instruction for non-majors. Technique, interpretation, ensemble playing, and reading skills. Placement by audition. (1 credit*) Faculty

»PNO 347T – Piano Performance Seminar
Challenges and complexities that pianists enrolled in the seminar face in the world today. Presentations and masterclasses by guest artists and NEC faculty; as well as discussion for seminar members. (2 credits) Levinson


»PNO 348T – Piano Performance Seminar
Continuation of PNO 347T. (1 credit) Levinson


»PNO 451T – Piano Pedagogy
Examines methods, concept series, teaching materials, and literature from elementary through upper intermediate levels. Views comparative educational philosophies and psychologies as related to piano teaching; guest lecturers in special areas of concentration; introduces Dalcroze Eurythmics and group piano teaching. Course includes lectures, discussion, performance, reading and research assignments, and a practicum in conjunction with the Preparatory School Piano department. (2 credits) Rivera


»PNO 531 – Piano Class
Graduate offering of PNO 130. (1 credit) Faculty


»PNO 532 – Piano Class II
Continuation of PNO 531. Prerequisite: PNO 531. (1 credit) Faculty

»PNO 535 – Piano Literature
Open seminar context where students and teacher jointly generate topics to be studied and explore keyboard literature from the 14th through the 21st centuries. Emphases are placed on the investigation of compositional problems, global repertoires/perspectives, interrelationships between music and other creative/intellectual disciplines, and aural heritage. Works approached from multiple perspectives; opportunities for students to contribute through discussion and performance. Open to graduate students from all departments and undergraduate piano majors. (2 credits) S. Drury


»PNO 536 – Piano Literature
Continuation of PNO 535. (2 credits) Brubaker

»PNO 547T – Piano Performance Seminar
Graduate offering of PNO 347T. (1 credit) Brubaker

»PNO 548T – Piano Performance Seminar
Graduate offering of PNO 348T. (1 credit) Brubaker

»PNO 551T – Piano Pedagogy
Graduate offering of PNO 451T. (2 credits) Rivera

PNO 557 – Techniques of Playing Contemporary Piano Music
Prepares pianists for the challenges of playing music written after Debussy. Beginning with short, introductory pieces in traditional notation, the class will then explore techniques such as prepared piano, inside-the-piano, and new notational systems. Music will include that of Cowell, Crumb, Cage, and Satie. (2 credits) S. Drury


»ORG 517T – Organ Class for Non-Majors
Graduate offering of ORG 417T. (1 credit) Handel

»ORG 518T – Organ Class for Non-Majors
Graduate offering of ORG 418T. Prerequisite: ORG 517T (1 credit) Handel