The following Liberal Arts courses are available for Fall 2013 registration. Learn about the rest of our Fall 2013 electives here, or find a complete list of courses offered in other years here.


Advanced Seminar: Brains Causing Minds

Recent brain research is not only challenging long held cultural and philosophical beliefs about the nature of mind and self, it is even showing which parts of the brain construct those beliefs.  It is forcing us to ask whether free will is an illusion and whether we are fully responsible for our actions.  The class will begin with a survey of brain areas and functions, then turn to questions of how our brains cause thoughts and actions and how those thoughts and actions then change our brains.

taught by Gretchen Breese

Hindu Myths

Hindu Myths is a course designed to introduce students to the rich mythology of India, a domain populated by extraordinary deities, powerful demons and supernatural humans all engaged in a complex narrative from creation through the evolution of the significant Hindu concepts of dharma, karma, samsara, and moksha (roughly 1500 BC to 200 AD). Since understanding Hindu Myths requires a knowledge of the philosophies and religious practices of Hinduism, the course will use appropriate background reading to supplement inquiry into the myths, such as Wendy Doniger’s Hindu Myths and Gavin Flood’s An Introduction to Hinduism.

taught by Peter Row