“Taking risks in life helps you take risks in art.”
—Noah Preminger

Jazz saxophonist Noah Preminger '08 drew significant critical accolades while still enrolled as a student at NEC. Just five years after completing his studies here, he returns to give this masterclass while in town to perform at Scullers Jazz Club.

Preminger's fellow musicians (represented in this video by Ben Monder and Fred Hersch) have endorsed the surprising maturity and depth of this young player, and Preminger himself tackles this topic head-on. He states that for him, daily "practice" is about the practice of living daily life to the fullest. "For all these things I do, and especially music, it’s all about how deep you can get into it—that’s always the challenge and the attraction.”

With the title of his new album, Haymaker, Preminger calls out his personal involvement in boxing. "Boxing is like improvising in that you want it to become second nature. You master the technique so that you don’t have to think about it—you have a free mind to be fully in the moment."

Date: September 25, 2013 - 1:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Pierce Hall

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