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Ken Schaphorst and the NEC Jazz Orchestra draw on NEC's exclusive archive of Vaughn Monroe charts, alongside hits by Billy Eckstine. These were two of the most popular singing stars of the 1940s.

Vaughn Monroe studied voice with Clarence B. Shirley at NEC for one semester in 1935, and his band charts and other materials reside in the NEC archives. Monroe formed his first orchestra in Boston in 1940, as bandleader and principal vocalist. He contined to have a base here as a nighclub owner, but his reach was much broader thanks to his role as a television host and performer, and his many hit recordings, most notably "Racing with the Moon," which leads off this concert.

Read Daniel C. Gabel's note on Vaughn Monroe.

Discover NEC's Vaughn Monroe archive.

Billy Eckstine went from principal vocalist in Earl Hines's big band, to leading his own band, to more work as a solo vocalist. He hired a who's who of up-and-coming jazz artists to work with his own band, and helped fellow vocalist Sarah Vaughan break into the spotlight. He notably broke a color barrier by becoming the first African-American singer to introduce new songs over network radio.

Read Miles Davis and Ken Schaphorst on Billy Eckstine.

songs associated with Vaughn Monroe

Johnny Watson, Pauline Pope, Vaughn Monroe Racing with the Moon
with vocalist Sung Huh

Roc Hillman, Johnny Napton My Devotion
with vocalist Elise Roth

Watson Take It, Jackson

Bennie Benjamin, Sol Marcus, Eddie Seiler When the Lights Go On Again
with vocalist Gianna Barone

Jimmy McHugh, Frank Loesser Let’s Get Lost
with vocalist Sam Jones and background vocals by Gianna Barone, Rebekah Holand, Elise Roth, Liz Tobias

Stan Jones (Ghost) Riders in the Sky
with vocalist Joseph Copeland and background vocals by Zachary Crowle, Sung Huh, Sam Jones, Michael Mayo

Lewis Harris, John Jacob Loeb Majarajah of Magador
with vocalist Robert Pate

Sidney Keith Russell, Carl Sigman Ballerina
with vocalist Zachary Crowle and ballerina Elodi Schwendener

songs associated with Billy Eckstine

Tadd Dameron, Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie Cool Breeze

Dameron, Count Basie Good Bait

Earl Hines, Eckstine Jelly, Jelly
with vocalist Liz Tobias

Eckstine, arr. Dameron I Want to Talk About You

Eckstine, Jerry Valentine Blowing the Blues Away
with vocalist Michael Mayo

Dameron Our Delight

Gillespie, Gil Fuller Oop Bop Sh-Bam

NEC Jazz Orchestra

Ken Schaphorst, director

Saxophones, Woodwinds
Richard Garcia, alto saxophone, flute, clarinet
Lihi Haruvi, alto and soprano saxophones, clarinet
Wyatt Palmer, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Jacob Sieckman, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Austin Yancey, baritone and alto saxophones, clarinet, bass clarinet

Kai Sandoval
Aaron Bahr
David Adewumi
Jeffrey Cox

Dan Gabel
Michael Prentky
Blake Manternach
Joe Ricard

Rhythm Section
Nikolaos Anadolis, piano
Xiongguan Zhang, guitar
Daniel Raney, bass
Carl Pillot, drums

Guest Vocalists
Gianna Barone, Joseph Copeland, Zachary Crowle, Rebekah Holland, Sung Huh, Sam Jones, Michael Mayo, Robert Pate, Elise Roth, Liz Tobias

Other Guests

Elodi Schwendener, ballerina

First Violin
Kelsey Blumenthal, Samantha Bennett, Zenas Hsu, Jeremías Sergiani Velázquez, Lisa Fujita, Maura Shawn Scanlin, Eva Aronian, Eunae Koh

Second Violin
Nelson Moneo, Kenneth Renshaw, Soyoung Choi, Alejandro Valdepeñas, Claire Bourg

Sergio Muñoz, Jinsun Hong, Xi Zhang, Alexandra Simpson

Jamie Clark, Marza Merophi Wilks, Daniel Parker, Jeremiah Barcus

Lautaro Mantilla

Date: October 17, 2013 - 8:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: NEC’s Jordan Hall

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