Mount Auburn Cemetery is located just outside of Boston in Cambridge and Watertown. It is both a world-class arboretum and a sacred site where notable historic figures such as Isabella Stewart Gardner and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow are buried.

Mount Auburn Cemetery was founded in 1831, and its expansive space gave the young city’s citizens a unique rural setting to commemorate the dead. Across 175 acres, thousands of tree and flower species are planted. The landscape provides a serene yet colorful backdrop for the many stone memorials, as well as the public events that take place on the lawns and in the chapels.

Bigelow Chapel and Story Chapel are beautiful sites for events and musical performances. Bigelow Chapel was designed by Dr. Jacob Bigelow, a founder of the Cemetery. This Gothic Revival Style chapel includes stained glass windows imported from Edinburgh, Scotland. Story Chapel is named after Justice Joseph Story, another founder of the Cemetery, and its first President. Built in 1898, it features brickwork, carved woodwork, and sandstone.

Mount Auburn was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2003. The Cemetery hosts periodic performances by musicians from New England Conservatory at Story Chapel, providing an aesthetic experience that merges nature and history, and beauty and austerity.