How do you like your improvised music?

Hot? Contemporary? Crazy? Smooth?

It's all here in the mix, with dozens of club-style sets in March and April, usually three different acts each night. Tonight the mix includes jazz and Contemporary Improvisation groups coached by Tanya Kalmanovitch and Jerry Leake.

These student ensembles are the club headliners of tomorrow—coached by leading jazz and improvising artists from the New England Conservatory faculty.

6:00pm set
coached by Tanya Kalmanovitch
Eck Sierra, saxophone
Jinhee Jung, flute
Hui Weng, guzheng
Benjamin Woo, piano

7:00pm set
non-majors jazz ensemble
coached by Tanya Kalmanovitch
vocalists Austin Burns, Isabella Dawis, Ahyoung Jeong
Jonas Tarm, violin
Mark Tse, trumpet
Sam Meyer, alto saxophone
Stephanie Munoz, saxophone
David Stevens, saxophone
Tong Wang, piano
Liam Birkerts, bass
Anthony Ambroso, drums

8:00pm set
non-majors Contemporary Improvisation ensemble
coached by Eden MacAdam-Somer
Maura Scanlin, fiddle
Raley Beggs, guitar
David Lien, cello, saxophone, and piano
Dana Kaufman, piano and vocals
Niki Charlafti, piano and vocals
Brian McAnnaly, bass

9:00pm set
Drumming ensemble
coached by Jerry Leake
Michael Dick, Dor Herskovitz, Sami Stevens, Nima Janmohammadi, Jeff Michaels, Eck Sierra, Lihi Haruvi

Date: April 30, 2014 - 6:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Pierce Hall

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