How do you like your improvised music?

Hot? Contemporary? Crazy? Smooth?

It's all here in the mix, with dozens of club-style sets in March and April, usually three different acts each night. Tonight the mix includes Contemporary Improvisation groups coached by Anthony Coleman, Joe Morris, and Tal Zilber.

These student ensembles are the club headliners of tomorrow—coached by leading jazz and improvising artists from the New England Conservatory faculty.

7:00pm set
Electro-acoustic ensemble
coached by Tal Zilber
Youngjoo Lee, vocals
Abby Swidler, violin and viola
Marnen Laibow-Koser, violin
Dylan McKinstry, mandolin
Sonny Lalchandani, sitar
Leo Hardman-Hill, trumpet
Eck Sierra, saxophone
Damon Smith, piano
Will Greene, guitar

8:00pm set
coached by Joe Morris
Rebecca Sullivan, vocals
Jacob Means, mandolin
Patrick M’Gonigle, violin
Zoe Christiansen, clarinet
Leo Hardman-Hill, trumpet
Daniel Pencer, saxophone
Will Greene, guitar and saxophone
Damon Smith, piano
Uyen Thank, piano
Kiyoe Wellington, bass

9:00pm set
Survivors Breakfast
coached and directed by Anthony Coleman
Kirsten Lamb, bass and vocals
Sami Stevens, vocals
Ilya Portnov, harmonica
Abby Swidler, violin
Marnen Laibow-Koser, violin
Allie Simpson, viola
Katherine McShane, cello
Dara Bloom, cello
Leo Hardman-Hill, trumpet
Mark Goldstein, sax
Taekjoon Kim, flute
Dan Pencer, sax
Sonny Lalchandani, sitar
Dylan McKinstry,  mandolin and guitar
Jacob Means, mandolin
Kody Glazer, trombone
Zoe Christiansen, clarinet
Matt Deligatti, guitar
Evan Allen, piano
Simon Wilson, bass
Kiyoe Wellington, bass
Nick Neuberg, drums and percussion
Connor Baker, drums and percussion

Date: April 21, 2014 - 7:00:PM
Price: Free
Location: Pierce Hall

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