The following Liberal Arts courses are available for Fall 2013 registration. Learn about the rest of our Fall 2013 electives here, or find a complete list of courses offered in other years here.

Italian I

This course is the first part of the year-long course for beginners in the Italian language, designed for vocal performance music majors but open to all students. The linguistic and phonetic structure of the language will be explored through its application to the field of music, with particular attention to opera. Students will learn vocabulary, grammar, and idiomatic expressions that will enable them to understand and express themselves in a variety of situations in written and spoken Italian. We will address different aspects of Italian culture, and students will have the opportunity to speak Italian in every class. Students will learn the basic skills necessary to understand, speak, and write Italian at the advanced beginner level and will develop the competence, interest, and enthusiasm for a language that will inspire their careers in music.

taught by Francesca Santovetti / offered every fall semester


German IIGerman I

This course is the first part of the year-long course that teaches students the basics of German. Students will learn fundamental grammar and will practice speaking as well as listening, reading, and writing with the aid of controlled exercises. By the end of the year, students will be able to express themselves in the present, past, and future tenses and will possess a basic vocabulary. Correct pronunciation will be stressed. Students will be able to read uncomplicated texts in German with relative ease, and will learn to write clearly structured German sentences. 

taught by Sia Liss Stovall / offered every fall semester

French IIFrench I

This course is the first part of the year-long introductory course that enables students to acquire oral and written communication skills in French. One of the priorities of the assigned textbook, VIS-à-VIS, is to focus on communication and the accomplishment of tasks that are taught within the framework of authentic situations. This year a grammar book provides additional support to topics presented in VIS-à-VIS. The course includes cultural information, French poetry, and traditional French songs.

taught by Anne Squire / offered every fall semester