As a student of historical performance, you will explore the practical application of historical instruments, techniques, practices, and points of view. Our aim is to recreate the works of the past with their original character and spirit.

It is our belief that musicians can gain more understanding by playing a work on the instrument for which it was composed, and also by trying to find out how performers of that time might have understood the score’s directions (or lack of directions).

We recognize that most of our historical efforts are necessarily based more on theories and suppositions than on facts. This means that our own imagination, musicality, and common sense are called for in large measure if the result is to be fresh and alive. In this sense, Historical Performance can be stimulating, challenging, and thoroughly modern.

All courses within this major are available to all students, along with degree programs for those who wish to specialize. Performance opportunities in the Historical Performance area include the Bach Ensemble, directed by Boston Museum Trio founder John Gibbons. This ensemble is a select group that performs Baroque works on modern instruments, featuring both NEC students and special outside guests.

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