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Find Your Teacher: Graduate Languages

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Megan Barrett

  • Graduate Languages: German

Megan Barrett joined the Graduate Languages Department as German Instructor in Fall 2015 and is now also German staff for NEC's newly formed Foreign…

Romina Crociani

  • Graduate Languages: Italian

Romina Crociani was born and raised in the Tuscany region of Italy. She holds a B.Sc.


Patrick Keppel

  • Chair, Liberal Arts
  • Chair, Graduate Languages
  • Director, Writing & Learning Center

Patrick Keppel is chair of New England Conservatory's Liberal Arts and Graduate Languages departments and director of the NEC Writing &…


Jacob Vance

  • Liberal Arts
  • Graduate Languages: French

Jacob Vance joined the Graduate Languages Department at NEC in Spring 2014 and is French staff for NEC’s Foreign Language Center.